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When Pain Wakes You Up

I awaken the other day in physical pain and exhausted from another sleepless night due to experiencing a bad flare up with my illness (interstitial cystitis). I asked myself what do you do when you wake in pain? We tend to think of morning rising as a new day, recharged, rebooted to face another day. But what do you do when that morning rising brings nothing mentioned above? When your morning rising is met with discouragement, hurt, shame, guilt, fear, and the list can go on and on. 

Pain shows no favoritism and it comes in all shapes and sizes. Some wake in emotional pain from experiencing trauma, abuse, abandonment, financial struggles or the loss of a love one. While others may wake in spiritual pain feeling a sense of emptiness, lack of purpose, or meaning and value to their existence. At the same time many wake in physical pain from a chronic illness, battling a disease, or just the physical strain of wear and tear on your body from a day’s work. 

I think there are many people around this world waking in pain. Who wake and muster up what little strength they can to make it through another trying day. And they find themselves in this cycle of hoping each morning rising will bring a different outcome but with no avail their break of dawn is met with the same pain. 

I have come to learn in life that pain is inevitable. But I believe pain is not in vain. Our pain is not wasted washed up segments of our lives.  Our pain stories have the power to  encourage, inspire and bring healing to the soul.  It is through the sharing of our pain we begin to see morning rising in a New Light! 

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So often, in many cultures and societies, who your parents are and what class you were born into are deemed very important. This is a tradition that seems to be found all through history and is deeply ingrained in many places, even today. This worldly idea is so contrary to everything the gospel stands for. When we accept Jesus Christ as our Lord and savior we are adopted into a Royal family. We become sons and daughters of the Living King. Knowing this truth should impact the way we look at the whole idea that what class or social structure that we or others are born into matter. Because the truth is it doesn’t matter in the eyes of God. God designed EVERYONE with purpose & value. It doesn’t matter how messy your family background may be…YOU MATTER!!!!   

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Curtain Call


The things of this world lose and gain value every day.  One day something can be of importance and everyone is out to get it and then the next it’s gone with the wind.  How do you stay reminded of your value living in today’s society?

know self

Having an appreciation for your value begins with understanding and loving you.  Do you really know yourself? What’s your personality and temperament? What’s your strengths and weakness?  What’s your style of communication? What’s your love language? How does your personality and temperament interact with others?  Are you and Introvert or Extrovert?  Learning about who you are helps you to understand how you interact with the world around you. The better understanding we have of self the more capable we are of appreciating our authenticity.

Once you learn who you are the next step is to love that person.  Love is an action word, which means you have to ask yourself what actions of love do I feed myself? Is the environment , friendships, relationships that I am in help or hinder my ability to love me.  Are the life-style practices I choose healthy or unhealthy actions of love?


I’ve learned on my journey I had a false sense of my value.  Therefore I also was choosing the wrong actions to feed myself love.  Once I began to understand and embrace me, I also changed the unhealthy patterns that did not feed my soul with love.  My focus in life became appreciating how my Creator designed me and sharing the testimony of my journey in hopes of inspiring others to do the same.  The more you embrace your authentic self and unapologetically live and speak your truth it empowers others to also share their voice.  And when everyone is living their authentic lives a beautiful song is heard in this world.  When people are living out their purpose lives and communities are transformed, change for the good occurs, the true power of healing is unleashed upon the world.