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Thanksgiving Thankfulness 

This morning I spent time reflecting on the many blessings in my life. This same time last year my family of five and a dog…lived in a small two bedroom basement apartment that had an awful smell I could never get rid of no matter how hard I tried. Those years spent in what I called our “dungeon” apartment taught me many life lessons and provided me with such tremendous growth. Those of you who have followed my blog over the years have been privy to those lessons I’ve learned.  Although there were many difficult trying times spent in that apartment, I know it was needed. That apartment represented a planted deep in the soil period in my life. During that time my Creator watered and nurtured me as He took me through the most life changing moments of spiritual growth, emotional healing and liberation from what others think or say about me. He taught me how to truly walk confidently, boldly and authentically in my truth. I experienced true freedom of living.  

Though that stage in my life has past now and my family and I are now blessed to live in a spacious home where we can spread out…I’ll never forget that basement apartment and thankful for the many lessons learned while living there. 

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Despite it ALL 


As a grown up I’ve come to realize that the “Happy” in “Happy Thanksgiving” doesn’t apply to the masses. In fact it is around the holiday season that most people feel the loneliest. My thoughts always go to the widows, single mothers, dysfunctional family’s, parents who’ve lost children and children who’ve lost parents. My heart goes out to every struggling person trying to survive. The true meaning of Thanksgiving I believe has gotten lost in the commercialized version. True authentic Thanksgiving is not about Black Friday deals, watching football, stuffing our faces with food or family’s getting together just for tradition sake..it’s about reflecting and remembering that despite all you or your family has gone through there’s still something to be thankful for. For some, their despite it all, is that they still have a roof over their head, for others it may be having the security of a job, it could be having solid friendships who have been there to help in your time of need. Despite it all could be you have a clean bill of health or you are in your right frame of mind despite all the hardship.  

For me my despite it all is that through all the hardships and heartaches I still have spiritual wellbeing my Creator has kept my sanity, given me peace and joy. Despite it all I still have a loving husband and three healthy sons. Despite it all I know who I am, whose I am, my value and purpose. I walk in these truths and its in knowing these things I find my Thanksgiving! 

I don’t know what your despite it all may be but I do know if you stop and think for a minute you can identify some…for we all our overcomers of something…I encourage you to think and reflect on those things you have overcome and find your true Thanksgiving today.