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Keeping It Real

“It was the truth I chose to omit from my life” A scene in the movie Black Panther that many perhaps bypassed…but those words lingered in my ears. “It was the truth I chose to omit from my life.” I had to ask myself…or there any truths I am choosing to omit? Are there parts of me that I’ve made excuses for so long that I can no longer see the truth? Hard questions lead to growth, and growth leads to discovery, and discovery leads to change, and change leads to freedom. It leads to the type of freedom that allows you to confidently walk into your God given purpose.

It’s a question I challenge you to face…Are there truths you are omitting from your life? What has your inner spirit shared with you days, weeks, months or even years ago that you chose to push aside and pretend the reality doesn’t exist? Starting today together let’s begin the process of “Keeping it Real”.

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Define Truth 



We live in a time where everyone is seeking to “live out their truth”. I recall the movie, “A Few Good Men”, and the famous line by the actor Jack Nicholson, “You Can’t Handle the Truth”.

Seek Truth
I was reflecting on this topic recently thinking about how people can become so offensive to you because you seek to live your truth.  Then I began to ponder the fact that we live in a society who proclaims that truth is all relative and it depends on the perspective of the individual.  But doesn’t that take away from the very nature of what truth is? I believe in order to tackle this thought you must first ask yourself this question; what is the foundation of truth? I believe that truth has a root it springs from and I believe that foundation is The One and Only Creator.  I believe My Maker is truth and His desire is for me to live a full authentic life. I believe He guides us to our truth. The closer we become to Him the more we learn our truth.
I believe when this piece is missing from the equation truth becomes distorted.  I believe this is the reason why so many people end up living unfulfilled facade lives. The truth can be scary to face.  But if you gather the courage to ask the question, “Who am I and what is my truth”; the response may not be what you would like to hear; but it is exactly the asking and seeking of the truth to this question, that leads to freedom and authentic living.
Can you handle the truth?
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Abundant Life 


I like order and structure. I like to group things into boxes so that I can process them.  I was pondering on this trait of mine one morning in my worship when my Creator provided me with an epiphany.  The best piece of wisdom I received from Him that morning. I learned that when you fully take hold of a true abundant life there are no boxes.  A life lived under the Creator’s idea for you is a life of authenticity and truth of self. This kind of life has NO LIMITS as to what you can do!

This made me think about God’s words in John 10:10…

John 10

God wants me to be the best me! So many of us go through life never truly experiencing the best them.  Some haven’t even discovered their true self. They are living a life that has been defined by someone else.  I too once lived a half full life.  And when I lived that half full life I always felt like there had to be more to life than this. Then and only then when I began to explore these questions with my Creator did I begin to learn and fully grasped what my Creator wants for me.  He wants me to live a life with no boundaries of what He can and will do through me.  He wants me to live John 10:10!

I encourage you to spend time learning about you.  Do not shy away from your true self. Explore you and discover your John 10:10.


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The Catch!

the catch

Are you ready for some football! I don’t know about your household, but as a wife and mother of 3 sons, this is a sports house.  One of the favorite sports to watch is football.  My husband and my boys love when football season comes around.  Needless to say by default I’ve become somewhat of a sports fan myself and from time to time will watch a game with them.  One of the things that I find fascinating about football is the relationship between the quarterback and the wide receiver on the field.  They both have to be in tune with one another in order for the pass to be complete.  If the wide receiver isn’t at the location at the precise time the quarterback throws the ball he will miss the catch.

This made me think about opportunities in life.  If we miss “the catch” we can miss our opportunity.  Opportunities for peace, joy, love, new beginnings, healthier living, emotional and spiritual well being and etc. What opportunities have you missed? Are you in-sync with “your quarterback”? My quarterback is my Creator…I must stay in tuned with Him daily in order to receive “my catch”.  Or the question maybe what’s hindering you from missing the catch? Is it bad relationships, unforgiveness to self or others, denial of past hurts and wounds, unaddressed emotions, fear of change or fear of rejection?

In order for the wide receiver to be at the right location to receive the ball he has to run, push and fight through defenses attempting to stop him.  He must maneuver, right and left, all the while with his eyes focus on his destination.  I think there is a life lesson to learn from the wide receiver.  In order to catch the opportunities of life we must RUN PUSH & FIGHT through adversities to make “OUR TOUCHDOWN”!


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There are many walks we travel down in life.  The walks into a new job or career…The walk down the wedding aisle…The walk of graduating…The walk into woman or manhood.  There are joyful occasion’s walks and mournful walks.  Each walk carries a story each walk has a life lesson.


The most important walk I’ve traveled is the one getting to know my true self and purpose. This walk has led me into a more intimate trusting relationship with my Creator.  The walk has had hard mountains to climb its cause sweat and tears, heartache and pain.  But this walk has also brought wisdom, laughter, joy and peace.  This walk taught me I was loved just for being me! This walk gave me clarity into my purpose and courage to live an authentic life.  This walk brought hope and has strengthened my character.  This walk taught me that out of all the walks I may experience in my lifetime it is this walk that matters the most.


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help me

We don’t like the word “Help” it represents needing and we like our independence.  We see help as a weakness so we avoid it by all means necessary.  How do we avoid it? When were really having an awful day and a friend says “How you doing”? We smile and say “I’m doing well” when actually we desperately need a listening ear. We may have fallen on hard times and money is low a family member offers to help and we turn them down.  We as a society deny help.  I believe our social injustices, inequalities, race issues and so many other issues could be resolved by admitting we need help.   We are communal creatures designed to need each other our entire eco-system is designed off of one living thing needing another. Acknowledging help is a growth process it gives you a new perspective on life a sense of true freedom and relief that you don’t have to “know it all” “be it all” “solve it all”.   It humbles you to the reality that there’s something greater a Higher Power working who is willing and able to provide the help needed only if we ask.   When the walls of pride are bulldozer down the true concept of “United Nations” is formed.  Acknowledging our need for help is a sign of strength and courage a true action verb that builds bridges, communities, families and nations.

ask for help

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Curve Ball


Life can be smoothly moving along and then “it” happens.  We all have different “it’s” that happen on our journey.  Those curve balls that catch us off guard and we have to regroup.  Whatever your “it” maybe these 3 following tips can help you ride the wave and safely return to the shore.

Forgo the Feelings 

It is at our curve ball moments in life when management of our emotions is crucial. If our emotions are not controlled during this time we can very well alter our destinies.  There was a story about two different men. Both were successful bankers but during the 2008 market crash ended up losing a tremendous amount of money. The first man “forwent the feelings” he acknowledged his feelings of fear, anxiety and depression.  But at the same time went through the process of “willing in his heart” that the feelings were temporary and will past. He daily reminded himself during this difficult time that those dark feelings he carried and the temptations to indulge in activities to comfort those feelings would be short-term gratification. Meanwhile, the other man, acted on every emotion he experienced.  He was not able to “forgo the feelings” and therefore ended up committing suicide. Now to some these two stories may sound extreme but the moral of the lesson still applies. When life gets tough, and believe me it will, it is at these difficult times that we must find healthy ways to process through our thoughts and feelings so that our actions lead us to safe shores not drifting on a current into the sea.

life curveballs

 Stay Connected 

We tend to isolate ourselves during hard times. We usually put distance between the ones who care the most. Although it may be challenging we must purpose in our heart to “stay connected”.  Stay connected even if it’s just a text once a week. If you are in a committed relationship block out time to talk with your partner about what’s going on allow the two of you to grow closer together through the trial not apart. Stay connected spiritually through prayer and meditation. Don’t be afraid of honesty with your Creator expressing your anger, fears and worries about the future.

Forecast the Future 

This by far has carried me through all the curve balls in my life. Forecasting the future has helped me to maintain hope of Gods purpose for me. When life throws unexpected punches that seem as if I’m down for the count it’s at these moments that I practice the art of “forecast the future”.  I will in my heart to look beyond my current circumstances and see the future God promise to me. I will in my heart to visually see the finish line. Forecasting the future is not fortune telling, neither is it denying your present situation, it’s simply examining the patterns of life and determining the future outcome from them. What I know about the patterns of life is this, my Creator has been faithful and has kept every promise He has made to me. I know that storms don’t last forever and sunny days are always ahead. I’ve learned that whether I have plenty or little I’m still okay. And finally I’ve learned that seasons do change.

moving forward