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Keeping It Real

“It was the truth I chose to omit from my life” A scene in the movie Black Panther that many perhaps bypassed…but those words lingered in my ears. “It was the truth I chose to omit from my life.” I had to ask myself…or there any truths I am choosing to omit? Are there parts of me that I’ve made excuses for so long that I can no longer see the truth? Hard questions lead to growth, and growth leads to discovery, and discovery leads to change, and change leads to freedom. It leads to the type of freedom that allows you to confidently walk into your God given purpose.

It’s a question I challenge you to face…Are there truths you are omitting from your life? What has your inner spirit shared with you days, weeks, months or even years ago that you chose to push aside and pretend the reality doesn’t exist? Starting today together let’s begin the process of “Keeping it Real”.

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When Pain Wakes You Up

I awaken the other day in physical pain and exhausted from another sleepless night due to experiencing a bad flare up with my illness (interstitial cystitis). I asked myself what do you do when you wake in pain? We tend to think of morning rising as a new day, recharged, rebooted to face another day. But what do you do when that morning rising brings nothing mentioned above? When your morning rising is met with discouragement, hurt, shame, guilt, fear, and the list can go on and on. 

Pain shows no favoritism and it comes in all shapes and sizes. Some wake in emotional pain from experiencing trauma, abuse, abandonment, financial struggles or the loss of a love one. While others may wake in spiritual pain feeling a sense of emptiness, lack of purpose, or meaning and value to their existence. At the same time many wake in physical pain from a chronic illness, battling a disease, or just the physical strain of wear and tear on your body from a day’s work. 

I think there are many people around this world waking in pain. Who wake and muster up what little strength they can to make it through another trying day. And they find themselves in this cycle of hoping each morning rising will bring a different outcome but with no avail their break of dawn is met with the same pain. 

I have come to learn in life that pain is inevitable. But I believe pain is not in vain. Our pain is not wasted washed up segments of our lives.  Our pain stories have the power to  encourage, inspire and bring healing to the soul.  It is through the sharing of our pain we begin to see morning rising in a New Light! 

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So often, in many cultures and societies, who your parents are and what class you were born into are deemed very important. This is a tradition that seems to be found all through history and is deeply ingrained in many places, even today. This worldly idea is so contrary to everything the gospel stands for. When we accept Jesus Christ as our Lord and savior we are adopted into a Royal family. We become sons and daughters of the Living King. Knowing this truth should impact the way we look at the whole idea that what class or social structure that we or others are born into matter. Because the truth is it doesn’t matter in the eyes of God. God designed EVERYONE with purpose & value. It doesn’t matter how messy your family background may be…YOU MATTER!!!!   

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You Are Loved 

In a world that places value on superficial things it can sometimes be challenging to maintain the confidence in your existence. There are some who have been waiting their entire life trying everything they can to only hear the words…You Are Loved. We all need to hear those three simple words. We need daily reminders of our value and importance. That there’s value for just being you. That you are unique and special no carbon copy. We need daily reminders that our existence serves a purpose…that we are not forgotten…that you matter.  

I’ve come to say just in case you haven’t heard….YOU ARE LOVED! 


The Pen

The pen
                                                              At first glance she seems quiet and reserved
The one in the room far left silently observing
She’s never been called the center of the party
But there’s a fire that burns deep inside
An insightful person who often sees the unseen
Able to recognize the real from the fake
She carries a passion for social justice and equality
A strong advocate for change
Believes in empowerment and one living out their truth
A girl on fire but you never knew
She doesn’t yell or cause a ruckus
Doesn’t manipulate or scheme
Her ball of fire is the pen
She chooses her words wisely to get her point across
Wants to leave the reader thinking strongly about the thought
The thoughts of love
The thoughts of living non-judgmentally
Thoughts of holistic wellness
Thoughts of peace
In the writing her voice cries out
In her writing she’s loud and clear
There’s no shyness here
With the pen she carries her message
With the pen she is strong
No fear to write her truth
Everyone has a weapon of choice
Some choose guns or hateful words
While others use money and power
I choose weapons that build and restore
Weapons of love and unity
I choose weapons that put an end to hate & fear
Her lethal weapon that carries weight
The one she uses the most
Her precious weapon of choice
Is the power within the pen
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A Short Story about the People Pleaser Company 

I’m finally leaving said Nina to her sister.  After 20 years at the People Pleaser Company it’s time for me to go.  Her sister said did they give you a nice parting package? Nope. I wasn’t given a retirement package, no severance pay and I’m leaving without health insurance.  Wow said her sister, well did they at least throw you a well wishes party? Nope, not even that said Nina, when I told my supervisor of my decision there was actually tension.  Even my colleagues were upset about my choice and thought it to be insensitive of me to leave them in their time of need.  This is unbelievable said the sister…I mean what were they thinking….you can’t spend your entire life at the People Pleaser Company.  I agree said Nina, I actually have already started looking for another job. The sister asked how has the new job search been going?  Great, said Nina! I’ve already had one call back from a good prospect for the direction I want to take my life.  Her sister said I’m so happy for you. What’s the name of the company? Nina answered and said The Healthy Me Company. And I think I’m going to really enjoy working there.

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Mountain Climbers

If the mountain was smooth how would you climb it? It’s natural for us to want the easy route; I mean who really wants to volunteer for the difficult journeys.  But I’ve learned the best lessons come from the rough parts of the mountain.  It is in the mountain climb we experience the most tremendous growth. Some because of fear stay camped at the foot of their mountains, overwhelmed by the sight of the climb.  But I’ve realized that the better perspective of our life is at the top.  God wants to take you to greater heights.  The higher the mountain top the deeper the faith it takes to climb but the reward is so worth it.