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A Dedicated Love Song 

This song was on my heart…someone today needs to be reminded that through life’s ups and downs, trials and tribulations, pains and sorrows, that your NEVER alone…so be encouraged my friends 


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Define Truth 



We live in a time where everyone is seeking to “live out their truth”. I recall the movie, “A Few Good Men”, and the famous line by the actor Jack Nicholson, “You Can’t Handle the Truth”.

Seek Truth
I was reflecting on this topic recently thinking about how people can become so offensive to you because you seek to live your truth.  Then I began to ponder the fact that we live in a society who proclaims that truth is all relative and it depends on the perspective of the individual.  But doesn’t that take away from the very nature of what truth is? I believe in order to tackle this thought you must first ask yourself this question; what is the foundation of truth? I believe that truth has a root it springs from and I believe that foundation is The One and Only Creator.  I believe My Maker is truth and His desire is for me to live a full authentic life. I believe He guides us to our truth. The closer we become to Him the more we learn our truth.
I believe when this piece is missing from the equation truth becomes distorted.  I believe this is the reason why so many people end up living unfulfilled facade lives. The truth can be scary to face.  But if you gather the courage to ask the question, “Who am I and what is my truth”; the response may not be what you would like to hear; but it is exactly the asking and seeking of the truth to this question, that leads to freedom and authentic living.
Can you handle the truth?
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Give Love


I am not one who is interested in the secular “jolly spirit “. I ran into the mall the other day and immediately when I walked into the store I was overwhelmed with the scurry of people running to and fro…I didn’t even stay to pick up the item I u-turned out the mall. As I was driving home I began to think about the scene I witnessed and pondered on the fact that somehow I think as a society we still have lost the true meaning of Christmas. I believe Christmas is about that four letter word “love”. True love in action isn’t about gifts, obligations, over spending and over indulging. The true meaning of love is about giving of self. Love is about taking the time to be a presence for love ones…quality time over quantity of “things” will always win in my book. Giving love is sharing your time and energy for those in need. It’s remembering the less fortunate, single mothers struggling, widows, elderly and those who are down on their luck. It’s about slowing down and getting still so that you are able to truly see and hear what’s really important. Now by no means am I saying that gifts are not nice and etc. But what I am saying is the best gifts are FREE!

Give Love

As I reflect during this holiday and the near closing of another year…I would like to give love by sharing the following gifts to you:
1) Live by faith beyond reason and receive spiritual and emotional growth
2) Dance to the beat of your own drum…dance like you’ve never danced before and receive the true freedom of living
3) Receive the free gifts of love, joy and true inner peace and share these blessings with everyone you come in contact with.

Ture Christmas

Live a life of service, Laugh hearty and Love, Love…LOVE!!!

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The FREEING in Forgiveness  

True Forgiveness

I believe many Christians have a misconception about the true process and meaning of forgiveness.  Because of these myths I’ve come across many people carrying enormous amount of guilt and obligation. This guilt and obligation can lead to an unhappy and unfulfilled life.  They carry an unnecessary yoke around their neck because the false ideas of forgiveness. In my course of growing and healing from my past…I’ve learn two important points about forgiveness:

1) Forgiveness has EVERYTHING to do with you. Forgiveness frees you from guilt, shame, fear and obligation.  It allows you to let go of all the unhealthy emotional baggage you carried from the hurt and pain done to you. Forgiving someone who has wronged you places the power back in your hands and out of the wrong doer.  Your forgiveness basically is saying that, although I have a justified reason to be angry or upset with you, I am choosing to exercise grace and mercy.  Freely giving this grace and mercy towards your wrong doer opens the prison doors where the two of you were held captive.  This opening of the prison cells gives you the emotional power to walk out free!


2) Forgiveness doesn’t mean you have to allow the wrong doer back into your life.  Many people are silent sufferers who have been lead to believe that if I choose to no longer allow the wrong doer in my life than I haven’t truly forgiven them.  Let me tell you my friends this is not true. Some who have wronged you will recognize and acknowledge their wrong doing and sincerely apologize and show this apology through their course of actions.  These types of relationships can most often have the potential for mending and restoration.  However, there will also be times although forgiveness has taken place, due to the toxicity of the person; the relationship will not be mended.  If you find that the person you have forgiven still has unhealthy behavior traits that are not beneficial to your wellbeing and growth, then perhaps this is a person you must love at a distance.  Loving someone at a distance means that you don’t harbor any animosity, anger or resentment there is genuine love carried within your heart for the person’s wellbeing. However, you have come to a place in your journey of growth and self-discovery where you have realized that some people (which could include a family member) are not emotionally healthy individuals and therefore not emotionally healthy for you so boundaries are placed for your sanity and peace.


I am a living witness to this journey and process. I have experienced true freedom and peace of mind by making the brave and bold decisions of removing unhealthy individuals from my life. True forgiveness is a transformation that happens in the heart…it’s an experience and process between you and God. This is why you mustn’t allow “other people’s opinions” affect you on how you choose to handle a relationship with someone who has wronged you.  Your choice is between you and God through your personal prayers, devotions and mediation that leads you to make the healthiest decision for you concerning the relationship.

I encourage anyone who is in a toxic relationship, rather if it’s a boyfriend, friend, mother or father or whoever it may be. Do not allow yourself to rot within those prison cells.  Take the steps to true forgiveness and healing…remember forgiveness has EVERYTHING to do with freeing and healing you.


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The Waiting Game

waiting game

This is not one of my favorite things to do

Time stands still and nothing seems clear

I’m left to battle with my fears

How will this thing turn out?

How will it end?

I’m holding on tightly trying not to bend

My mind is wandering

Thoughts about uncertainty

I try to grip harder to my faith

Because Lords knows I hate to wait

Anxiously waiting to hear the news

Will I be excited or filled with gloom

I wonder which direction my life will take

Sometimes waiting is all that’s left

Got to keep on moving even with things unmet

Press forward and stay encourage I tell myself

Keep on living and don’t give up

I occupy my time in service to others

Occupy my time counting my blessings

I occupy my time praising in advance

Who says during the waiting your life has to halt

Time goes by and I’m still in the wait

But each day new wisdom and knowledge I take

I grow in patience and trust too

Each day I lean on my Higher Power for strength to get through

Lord knows I had to wait

But Lord knows what it takes

To build and mold me into my all

So in the spectrum of things the more I think the wait isn’t that bad after all


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This poem was inspired by recent unexpected health issues that have cause me to slow down tremendously.  During this time I have learned patience and peace of living with the unknown.  As I read over my poem I began to think how the message can apply to life in general.  We all have burdens that make us feel captive.   We live in such treacherous times nothing on this earth is guaranteed.  My hope and sanity is within a Higher Power.  My living hope is in spreading, fighting and standing up for His love that’s what keeps me going.


I feel trapped inside this cage

My body is in rage

Held hostage to this pain

I’m going insane

Trying to keep my spirits up

Reminding myself don’t give up

For these prison walls are caving in

I refuse to let this be the end

I’m suffocating I want out

Lord do you hear me crying out

Save me from this get me out

I’m on my knees

Hear my prayer please

You’ve never failed me yet

I won’t let my mind forget

Your promises are real

And your presence is near

My thoughts are changing

And my feelings too

I say to myself don’t let this illness get the best of you

Although my circumstances are still the same

My freedom begins before things change

Freedom of my mind

The perspective I choose

Physically I’m still not able to be active

But mentally I’m no longer captive


Agape Love


This past week I watched two movies about civil war.  One was about the Bougainville civil war between Papa New Guinea, The war has been described as the largest conflict in Oceania since the end of World War II.  The other was about the Nigerian civil war, over the two and half years of the war, two million civilians died from forced famine and fighting.  The brutal scenes of brothers and sisters killing each other pained me.  I began to think of how so many wars have devastated countries and people lives.

I recently finish reading “A Radical King” a book on the philosophical views of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. He spoke often on agape love and the need for this type of love in the world.  Agape love is not a feeling; it’s a motivation for action that we are free to choose or reject. Agape is a sacrificial love. Sacrificial love is a determined act of will, a joyful resolve to put the welfare of others above our own.  From my personal experience of growth, I do not believe this type of love comes naturally to humans. For me, it has only been through the maturity of my relationship with the Creator have I become capable of agape love.  For I believe the true source of agape love is from the Creator.

I choose to be an ambassador of agape love.  I choose to continue to love my neighbor non-judgmentally.  I choose equality and justice for ALL of mankind.  See I believe deep rooted change can only begin with a reform in our individual hearts.  Agape love must be in our hearts in order for true transformation to occur.  We need an international movement of agape love to end the cycle of oppression.  For the opposite of love is fear and fear breeds hate, hate breeds dissension, division and wars.  We have traveled down and continue to travel down this path of destruction.  And throughout history and present times we see where this leads us as a nation and humanity.

The power of love is seen through equality and justice.  Love does not turn a blind eye but lends a helping hand.