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When Pain Wakes You Up

I awaken the other day in physical pain and exhausted from another sleepless night due to experiencing a bad flare up with my illness (interstitial cystitis). I asked myself what do you do when you wake in pain? We tend to think of morning rising as a new day, recharged, rebooted to face another day. But what do you do when that morning rising brings nothing mentioned above? When your morning rising is met with discouragement, hurt, shame, guilt, fear, and the list can go on and on. 

Pain shows no favoritism and it comes in all shapes and sizes. Some wake in emotional pain from experiencing trauma, abuse, abandonment, financial struggles or the loss of a love one. While others may wake in spiritual pain feeling a sense of emptiness, lack of purpose, or meaning and value to their existence. At the same time many wake in physical pain from a chronic illness, battling a disease, or just the physical strain of wear and tear on your body from a day’s work. 

I think there are many people around this world waking in pain. Who wake and muster up what little strength they can to make it through another trying day. And they find themselves in this cycle of hoping each morning rising will bring a different outcome but with no avail their break of dawn is met with the same pain. 

I have come to learn in life that pain is inevitable. But I believe pain is not in vain. Our pain is not wasted washed up segments of our lives.  Our pain stories have the power to  encourage, inspire and bring healing to the soul.  It is through the sharing of our pain we begin to see morning rising in a New Light! 

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A Dedicated Love Song 

This song was on my heart…someone today needs to be reminded that through life’s ups and downs, trials and tribulations, pains and sorrows, that your NEVER alone…so be encouraged my friends 


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What is a struggle? How do you define it? Is it when your car door is jammed and you “struggle” to pry it open? Is it when you “struggle” to get a new born fussy baby to calm down and go to sleep? Is a “struggle” a debate to get your point across? My definition of struggle has changed throughout the years.  I now recognize struggle as a continuum process. I see it as part of the number line….it goes up…it goes down.

Life on this earth is a struggle.  Some days are worse than the others.  You may not experience it all the time but at some point struggle reveals itself and reminds us it never went anywhere.  For the past 11 years my family has encountered struggles.  During my childhood, teenage and college years I struggled.  As I write this message I’m struggling.  It’s hard to press through during a struggle.  It’s hard to gather strength to stay strong.

On September 3, 2015 my family received tragic news that forever changed our life.  My husband lost his dearest friend; a brother from another mother over 35 years of friendship.  We have watched each other’s children grow, his wife and children are family and our hearts extremely hurt for them.  An entire lifetime of friendship and brotherhood…the pain runs deep.  You enter the struggle…but how do you deal with struggle upon struggle upon struggle?  When your struggle gets super sized what do you do?


I don’t think there’s this fairly tale answer to the question.  There’s no perfect remedy to wipe it all away no instant fixes.  What I do believe is that life’s journey is about accepting, tolerating and embracing being comfortable with uncomfortable.  Struggles will come and go through out our life here on this planet.  We have to become content, during a struggle, coming out of a struggle, going into a struggle and when struggles are at bay.  Acceptance of struggles is an acceptance of life’s journey.

I don’t know where you are on the continuum of struggle…don’t know where you fall on the struggle number line but wherever you may be know this:

  • God is not slack concerning His promises…
  • Hold on and keep trusting
  • Keep believing
  • It’s okay to get messy with your emotions (emotions are a part of us and owning our emotions is a part of wellness)
  • Your strongest weapon is your hope and faith. It is not our destiny to struggle on this earth and then die…that’s not how the story I believe ends. Yes death is inevitable on this earth but I believe we have been promise a new earth.  I believe in a new earth where there will be no more death and sorrow no more fears no more struggle.

This is our hope my friends!   Do not give up on this life’s journey; don’t throw in the towel just yet!  Be encouraged on these things and encourage one another as well. Cry if you need to, yell out in anguish if your must but also pray and praise your way through for the best is yet to come!