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Keeping It Real

“It was the truth I chose to omit from my life” A scene in the movie Black Panther that many perhaps bypassed…but those words lingered in my ears. “It was the truth I chose to omit from my life.” I had to ask myself…or there any truths I am choosing to omit? Are there parts of me that I’ve made excuses for so long that I can no longer see the truth? Hard questions lead to growth, and growth leads to discovery, and discovery leads to change, and change leads to freedom. It leads to the type of freedom that allows you to confidently walk into your God given purpose.

It’s a question I challenge you to face…Are there truths you are omitting from your life? What has your inner spirit shared with you days, weeks, months or even years ago that you chose to push aside and pretend the reality doesn’t exist? Starting today together let’s begin the process of “Keeping it Real”.

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Beautiful Love A Poem 

The beauty in love is not spotless 

It’s not white and clean 

There’s no perfect picture 

Beautiful love is messy and rough 

It’s durable from the trials and stuff 

It’s hidden way deep and requires hard labor 

Like digging for a pearl or searching for a rare diamond 

Beautiful love comes from red 

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Give Love


I am not one who is interested in the secular “jolly spirit “. I ran into the mall the other day and immediately when I walked into the store I was overwhelmed with the scurry of people running to and fro…I didn’t even stay to pick up the item I u-turned out the mall. As I was driving home I began to think about the scene I witnessed and pondered on the fact that somehow I think as a society we still have lost the true meaning of Christmas. I believe Christmas is about that four letter word “love”. True love in action isn’t about gifts, obligations, over spending and over indulging. The true meaning of love is about giving of self. Love is about taking the time to be a presence for love ones…quality time over quantity of “things” will always win in my book. Giving love is sharing your time and energy for those in need. It’s remembering the less fortunate, single mothers struggling, widows, elderly and those who are down on their luck. It’s about slowing down and getting still so that you are able to truly see and hear what’s really important. Now by no means am I saying that gifts are not nice and etc. But what I am saying is the best gifts are FREE!

Give Love

As I reflect during this holiday and the near closing of another year…I would like to give love by sharing the following gifts to you:
1) Live by faith beyond reason and receive spiritual and emotional growth
2) Dance to the beat of your own drum…dance like you’ve never danced before and receive the true freedom of living
3) Receive the free gifts of love, joy and true inner peace and share these blessings with everyone you come in contact with.

Ture Christmas

Live a life of service, Laugh hearty and Love, Love…LOVE!!!

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My Storage is Empty


I believe everyone has a closet or a room in their house filled with junk.  You know the things that have been collected along the way that once seemed so important are now wasting away in a room or closet collecting dust.  Whenever we even think of clearing out all the stuff it becomes overwhelming so we push the junk back in and close the door.

Sometimes in life the storage of our mind is filled to the brim with past mistakes, past hurts, shattered dreams, lost love, anger, shame, guilt and everything else in between.  Our storage is so full it leaves no room for the wonderful things that were originally planned for us. When our storage is empty there’s room for peace, joy, hope, unconditional love, forgiveness and the freedom to live purpose.

When we begin the process of cleaning out the clutter, our path in life becomes clearer.  There are many different ideas on how to begin and complete the process of cleaning “Our Storage”.  I have tried many of the ideas but the one suggested has worked the best for me.

I practice these 3 simple steps everyday in my life to ensure an empty storage.

  1. Release

Every day in the morning and the evening I release.  I release should of’s, could of’s, and would of’s.  I release any anger or frustration that has occurred.  I release perfectionism and allow space for mistakes and setbacks.  I release.

  1. Embrace

I choose to embrace everything that makes me flaws and all.   I chose to embrace the good and bad of love ones. I choose to embrace the serenity prayer…

“God grant me the serenity
to accept the things I cannot change;
Courage to change the things I can;
and wisdom to know the difference.
Living one day at a time;
Enjoying one moment at a time;
Accepting hardships as the pathway to peace;
Taking, as He did, this sinful world
As it is, not as I would have it;
Trusting that He will make all things right
If I surrender to His Will;
So that I may be reasonably happy in this life
And supremely happy with Him
Forever and ever in the next…Amen”

  1. Love

I have come to the realization that love has miraculous power.   Love has the power to change lives, encourage the hurting, motivate the weak, heal the brokenhearted, warm the unforgiving spirit and love the unlovable.  Love has power!  Love is a decision based on principle not a feeling.  I’ve chosen to love unconditionally and non-judgmentally.  I’ve tried it the other way around where in my spirit I harbored resentment towards some and attempted to love others…it just didn’t work for me I did not feel balance or whole.  But with my new perspective and practice of love I have experienced a tremendous amount of peace and joy.


Are you ready to clear your storage?