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The Last Lap

On Sunday’s my family and I try to make sure we jump start the beginning of the week with an high intensity workout. This particular morning my husband and I started early before our middle son joined us. Our middle son was late coming out and by the time he joined us we had already completed our first lap around the neighborhood. When we finished our laps we clapped it up and was about to head inside when my hubby said “no son you have one more lap to go” the look on my son’s face said it all. As he reluctantly began his truck around the neighborhood once more as his mother I felt compassion for him, I mean we were in the middle of the high noon sun in blazing hot Alabama… So as any compassionate mother would do I joined him in his last lap. Now we didn’t walk side by side he was further ahead of me but I walked behind him at a distance. As I watched him in front of me I began to think about how in life sometimes we can think we are at the end of a long hard journey only to discover there’s one more lap. Those surprisingly last laps come in all different forms, another final paper is due when you thought you were done with all the assignments in the class, another 5lbs needed to lose when you stepped onto the scale and you thought you had reached your goal weight, another bill payment, another lost loved one, another fight with your spouse, another lost job, another and another. Those last laps can either break us or mold us. I also thought about how we are not alone in those last laps, just as I walked behind my son for added support, we too have someone who walks with us, Our Creator, is always near. As my son and I made it to the top of the hill, which by the way is the hardest part of the lap, my husband was waiting there in the car so that our son could have his weekly driving lessons, which if you know anything about a teenager, is one of the most exciting things for them to do. When I saw my husband in the car waiting for him I began to smile. I thought to myself at the end of every hard journey there’s always a pleasant surprise that made it all worth while in the end. What’s at the end of your last lap? You can only find out if you take the journey….

Empowerment, Encouragement, life, self growth


Life has handed me some tough battles to face…most recently dealing with my health issues and recovering from yet another surgery…this writing piece was inspired by my determination to not give up or give in to self-pity.  My Creator has provided me with a tremendous amount of peace in my spirit that “Giants do come but Giants do fall”…I hope this writing encourages you on your life journey….

giants life

We all have battles we face.  Some are minor and don’t require much of our strength while others can be major…So major that the process in order to conquer those giants requires faith. Faith is beyond your senses and reason.  I believe this type of faith is only possible when you are connected to a Higher Power for me this Higher Power is my Creator; I believe there are some giants that require supernatural power. Whatever giants you are facing in your life whatever they maybe don’t give up press forward and stand your ground determined in your spirit to trust beyond reason and then watch those giants fall one by one. We are all destine to live out purpose greater than “get rich or die tying” success in life is more than a pay check, house size, income bracket and etc.  What life is really about is facing giants and overcoming which in return empowers others by the testimony of your life.


Empowerment, Motivation, self growth, Wellness

Mountain Climbers

If the mountain was smooth how would you climb it? It’s natural for us to want the easy route; I mean who really wants to volunteer for the difficult journeys.  But I’ve learned the best lessons come from the rough parts of the mountain.  It is in the mountain climb we experience the most tremendous growth. Some because of fear stay camped at the foot of their mountains, overwhelmed by the sight of the climb.  But I’ve realized that the better perspective of our life is at the top.  God wants to take you to greater heights.  The higher the mountain top the deeper the faith it takes to climb but the reward is so worth it.


Today’s a new day

Today's a New Day

Yesterday is gone with the wind. A thousand wishes couldn’t bring it back. What’s done has been done. Today’s a fresh start.  Forgive yourself for any wrong choices. Nobody’s perfect.  It’s in those choices that you learned more about yourself…what you want and don’t want in your life. Find the beauty in today. Search for new opportunities and experiences for growth. Someone today needs your individual light. Something as simple as a smile goes a long way.  Remember you are here for a purpose there is a reason for your existence. You’re a voice in this world and deserve to be heard. So let your light shine. Everybody needs the sun to survive.


Spring Cleaning

I remember growing up spring time was when families stripped down their houses to its bare bones for deep cleaning.  What type of cleaner are you? Are you the type who straightens up around the house but behind closed doors and in dark corners there lies dust and accumulated things stuffed into closets.  Or are you one of those deep cleaners who get down on their knees scrubbing the floors and cleaning out every corner of the home to rid it of dirt.   There comes a time when we need to do deep cleaning in our lives…growth is not possible without some spring cleaning.


The process of getting to a place where you are free to live 100% authentic to ‘being you’ requires willingness to get messy.  What needs to be spring cleaned in your life? Is it friends or social circle deep down you know don’t positively contribute to your growth? Is it a negative relationship? Could it be ignoring that small voice inside that’s been telling you to step out on faith and pursue that degree, job or change of career?  Is it holding on to past regrets, hurts and naysayers words of discouragement?  Whatever the case may be you were created for greater things…get messy…start the spring cleaning process.  Do not allow fear to keep you from living out your purpose.  The best gardens grow the most beautiful crops when the gardener is willing to get messy…


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It’s all in your perspective

The power of the mind has always been fascinating to me…There is no doubt in my mind that we are intelligently designed.  The minds ability to take a negative life event and change the outlook into something positive so that the negative event no longer is a hindrance but becomes a driving force towards accomplishing your goals is simply AMAZING!  Take stories from countless of people who have experienced every set back unimaginable but with each set back they were motivated to PUSH forward towards their goals.  I believe we were created by God with the power of perspective…Our perspective on a situation can either move us forward or take us backwards. In order to maintain a healthy perspective on life events we must protect the healthiness of our mind.  We do this by practicing a holistic wellness life-style…mind-body-soul/spirit:

  • Maintaining Spiritual Growth
  • Exercise & Nutrition
  • Social Connectedness
  • Exercising the Power of Forgiveness
  • Balance of Work & Home
  • Restraining from Negative Media

Way before new age psychologist began discussion on realizing the benefits of holistic wellness….King Solomon, the wisest king in ancient Biblical times spoke of holistic living. In his book of Proverbs and also book of Ecclesiastes you find meaningful lessons on living a holistic life-style.

Whatever negativity in your thoughts that’s keeping you from Living Your Purpose…Make today a new day…A NEW PERSPECTIVE!

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