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Why We March 

I told my son that we would be going downtown to march for justice. He said, ” mom what’s the purpose shouldn’t we just let the justice system handle it”? I said son we march because the court system isn’t set up to protect us. We march because we want laws to be changed so that people of color are better protected by police brutality and violence. We march because if we remain silence who will stand for the voiceless. We march because if we unite in protest, marches, rallies and yes even boycotts if we unite, a movement will form, that can not be ignored and then and only then will they listen. 

Do Something


Agape Love


This past week I watched two movies about civil war.  One was about the Bougainville civil war between Papa New Guinea, The war has been described as the largest conflict in Oceania since the end of World War II.  The other was about the Nigerian civil war, over the two and half years of the war, two million civilians died from forced famine and fighting.  The brutal scenes of brothers and sisters killing each other pained me.  I began to think of how so many wars have devastated countries and people lives.

I recently finish reading “A Radical King” a book on the philosophical views of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. He spoke often on agape love and the need for this type of love in the world.  Agape love is not a feeling; it’s a motivation for action that we are free to choose or reject. Agape is a sacrificial love. Sacrificial love is a determined act of will, a joyful resolve to put the welfare of others above our own.  From my personal experience of growth, I do not believe this type of love comes naturally to humans. For me, it has only been through the maturity of my relationship with the Creator have I become capable of agape love.  For I believe the true source of agape love is from the Creator.

I choose to be an ambassador of agape love.  I choose to continue to love my neighbor non-judgmentally.  I choose equality and justice for ALL of mankind.  See I believe deep rooted change can only begin with a reform in our individual hearts.  Agape love must be in our hearts in order for true transformation to occur.  We need an international movement of agape love to end the cycle of oppression.  For the opposite of love is fear and fear breeds hate, hate breeds dissension, division and wars.  We have traveled down and continue to travel down this path of destruction.  And throughout history and present times we see where this leads us as a nation and humanity.

The power of love is seen through equality and justice.  Love does not turn a blind eye but lends a helping hand.



The Radical King 

Currently reading “The Radical King” , which is edited and introduced by Cornel West.  The book is a compilation of Martin Luther King, Jr.  speeches, essays and excerpts from Books he has written. I stumbled across this quote that poignantly speaks about the moral responsibility of our nation.

The greatness of nations or civilization is measured not by military might, architectural prowess, or the number of billionaire citizens. Rather, the greatness of who and what we are consist of how we treat the least of these-the weak, the vulnerable, orphan, widow, stranger, poor, marginal, and prisoner.” Cornel West

Humanity, Social Cause

Snow Globe 


At Christmas time I love to watch the Hallmark station holiday movies.  There’s one movie in particular that is shown every holiday that I like to watch called “Snow Globe”.  The movie is about a young lady who is dissatisfied with her love life. She one day receives a package that contains a beautiful snow globe.  As she is admiring her gift she wishes her life could be perfect as the snow globe.  That night when she goes to sleep her wish becomes real.  Throughout the rest of the movie she begins to lose sight of the “real world” because she is so consumed with living in the “snow globe world”.

snow globe

I to love snow globes. The beautiful mesmerizing picture perfect scene inside the globe makes me wish I could click the back of my heels three times and be there.  Who doesn’t want to experience the snow globe living? With its nice houses and perfect manicured lawns. Unfortunately for most of the world a “snow globe” living is far beyond reach even in their dreams. For most of the world looks different in reality.  Sometimes I wonder do we choose to live snow globe lives. Where we stay neatly tucked away in our suburban life.  We enjoy the luxuries of nice community amenities, quality grocery stores, safe parks and playgrounds and schools. While the majority of the world lives in substandard living conditions, poor wages and lack of access to the resources needed to make a better life for themselves and their family. The hypnotizing power of the snow globe you can shake and stare and shake and stare for hours in oblivious. Similar affects can happen in one’s life.  Eventually I have to force myself to put down the snow globe and see what’s really going on around me.



Playground Wars!


I think back to childhood and the playground.  I recall the conversations that went something like this “I bet you I can jump higher off the monkey bars than you”.  Where in history did it begin? When did we first start with the ideology of one person being better than the other?  Who decided that one person’s life-style, class, religion or craft is of more value over another? Are we not all equals? Do we not all contribute? Why do we have a hierarchy system? Does that not polarize and cause inferiority? Does it not make “one” group think they are better than the rest and therefore deserve more of the “goods”?

fairer                                        -inequality

I’m under this radical belief that “All men are created equal”.  When you break down a human being to its smallest molecule there is no difference in identification due to race, class, life-style or religion. A Muslim and Christian have the same blood running through their veins.  A farm worker is equally important as a CEO.  The life of a Black or Brown person matters.  A Gay or Lesbian deserves equal rights as heterosexuals. Our survival depends on unity not separation. It’s the collective body working together.  The hand is equally valuable as the foot.  Is it possible for mankind to respect this value in everyone?  But yet we polarize ourselves rather than attempting to see the shared aims.  I wonder about the power of a unified voice if all humanity worked together to solve today’s most imperative social issues.  Is an international social equality and justice movement possible? We have built a society that profit from imperialism and exploitation.  Our society is built on the institutions of racism and classism.  We are filled with fear of each other due to misconceptions and lack of cultural knowledge.  We hate for no reason other than skin color or religion. What has become of society? Is there any hope?  Is anyone willing from “opposing” sides to begin conversations?  It is no secret at this point that capitalism has only benefited a small percentage of this world.  While the majority of us continue to live in various forms of oppression this is one commonality I believe all “groups” can agree.  My hope for humanity is one day that equality and justice will be restored and no one will be “better” than the other because we all will be one.


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Aerial View 


Have you ever flown on an airplane and considered the view?

Ever notice all the houses down below?

From the aerial view everything looks the same from the mansion to the modest home.

You can not tell a persons “class” or “race”, bank account or social status.

Up in the air life looks different than below.

For up in the air humanity looks equal.

humanity quote