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We don’t like the word “Help” it represents needing and we like our independence.  We see help as a weakness so we avoid it by all means necessary.  How do we avoid it? When were really having an awful day and a friend says “How you doing”? We smile and say “I’m doing well” when actually we desperately need a listening ear. We may have fallen on hard times and money is low a family member offers to help and we turn them down.  We as a society deny help.  I believe our social injustices, inequalities, race issues and so many other issues could be resolved by admitting we need help.   We are communal creatures designed to need each other our entire eco-system is designed off of one living thing needing another. Acknowledging help is a growth process it gives you a new perspective on life a sense of true freedom and relief that you don’t have to “know it all” “be it all” “solve it all”.   It humbles you to the reality that there’s something greater a Higher Power working who is willing and able to provide the help needed only if we ask.   When the walls of pride are bulldozer down the true concept of “United Nations” is formed.  Acknowledging our need for help is a sign of strength and courage a true action verb that builds bridges, communities, families and nations.

ask for help