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When Pain Wakes You Up

I awaken the other day in physical pain and exhausted from another sleepless night due to experiencing a bad flare up with my illness (interstitial cystitis). I asked myself what do you do when you wake in pain? We tend to think of morning rising as a new day, recharged, rebooted to face another day. But what do you do when that morning rising brings nothing mentioned above? When your morning rising is met with discouragement, hurt, shame, guilt, fear, and the list can go on and on. 

Pain shows no favoritism and it comes in all shapes and sizes. Some wake in emotional pain from experiencing trauma, abuse, abandonment, financial struggles or the loss of a love one. While others may wake in spiritual pain feeling a sense of emptiness, lack of purpose, or meaning and value to their existence. At the same time many wake in physical pain from a chronic illness, battling a disease, or just the physical strain of wear and tear on your body from a day’s work. 

I think there are many people around this world waking in pain. Who wake and muster up what little strength they can to make it through another trying day. And they find themselves in this cycle of hoping each morning rising will bring a different outcome but with no avail their break of dawn is met with the same pain. 

I have come to learn in life that pain is inevitable. But I believe pain is not in vain. Our pain is not wasted washed up segments of our lives.  Our pain stories have the power to  encourage, inspire and bring healing to the soul.  It is through the sharing of our pain we begin to see morning rising in a New Light! 

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I have keloid skin sometimes referred to as keloid scar, which is a tough heaped-up scar that rises quite abruptly above the rest of the skin. Unlike scars, keloids do not regress over time.  Needless to say, if cut I’m left with a permanent mark which isn’t pretty.  Having scars is a forever reminder of what has occurred in your life. The scar on my face reminds me of childhood and my attempt to move an old TV with a broken antenna.   The scar on my knee brings back memories of being chased by a neighborhood dog.  Most recently the scars around my abdomen are reminders of the multiple surgeries due to my health which have officially taken away my bikini belly.


I’m pretty sure you can name off scars located on various parts of your body.  In addition to physical scars, we also have invisible scars … deep emotional, mental and spiritual cuts which have left marks.  Sometimes you can pretend that the internal scars don’t exist but eventually the truth is revealed.  I use to be ashamed of my outward and inward scars of life but that is no longer the case.  I now choose to view my scars as badges of honor, stories of how I’ve overcome obstacles.    When we choose to change our perspective on the scars we bear no longer do they carry emotional weight.    The scars now become stories to be shared with others that provide encouragement and empowerment that if you got through they can also.  Scars remind you of the strength carried within your spirit…there’s a song that says “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger…I’m an overcomer”.

Carry no shame in your spirit because of the scars you have endured…your scars are testament that you’ve loved, gave and tried…that you are beautifully flawed with a story to tell…


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Curve Ball


Life can be smoothly moving along and then “it” happens.  We all have different “it’s” that happen on our journey.  Those curve balls that catch us off guard and we have to regroup.  Whatever your “it” maybe these 3 following tips can help you ride the wave and safely return to the shore.

Forgo the Feelings 

It is at our curve ball moments in life when management of our emotions is crucial. If our emotions are not controlled during this time we can very well alter our destinies.  There was a story about two different men. Both were successful bankers but during the 2008 market crash ended up losing a tremendous amount of money. The first man “forwent the feelings” he acknowledged his feelings of fear, anxiety and depression.  But at the same time went through the process of “willing in his heart” that the feelings were temporary and will past. He daily reminded himself during this difficult time that those dark feelings he carried and the temptations to indulge in activities to comfort those feelings would be short-term gratification. Meanwhile, the other man, acted on every emotion he experienced.  He was not able to “forgo the feelings” and therefore ended up committing suicide. Now to some these two stories may sound extreme but the moral of the lesson still applies. When life gets tough, and believe me it will, it is at these difficult times that we must find healthy ways to process through our thoughts and feelings so that our actions lead us to safe shores not drifting on a current into the sea.

life curveballs

 Stay Connected 

We tend to isolate ourselves during hard times. We usually put distance between the ones who care the most. Although it may be challenging we must purpose in our heart to “stay connected”.  Stay connected even if it’s just a text once a week. If you are in a committed relationship block out time to talk with your partner about what’s going on allow the two of you to grow closer together through the trial not apart. Stay connected spiritually through prayer and meditation. Don’t be afraid of honesty with your Creator expressing your anger, fears and worries about the future.

Forecast the Future 

This by far has carried me through all the curve balls in my life. Forecasting the future has helped me to maintain hope of Gods purpose for me. When life throws unexpected punches that seem as if I’m down for the count it’s at these moments that I practice the art of “forecast the future”.  I will in my heart to look beyond my current circumstances and see the future God promise to me. I will in my heart to visually see the finish line. Forecasting the future is not fortune telling, neither is it denying your present situation, it’s simply examining the patterns of life and determining the future outcome from them. What I know about the patterns of life is this, my Creator has been faithful and has kept every promise He has made to me. I know that storms don’t last forever and sunny days are always ahead. I’ve learned that whether I have plenty or little I’m still okay. And finally I’ve learned that seasons do change.

moving forward

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Bare Feet 

bare feet

I’m bare feet in the sun running in the grass

I’m bare feet in the sand walking along the shore

I am liberated in my bare feet I feel so whole

No pretending or covering up those toes

I don’t need a pedicure or nail color to shine

Just my plain ole bare feet will do just fine

I’m beauty and bold in my bare feet

Bare feet represent my truth represents all of me

Do you want to be bare feet with me?

Take off society’s norms and standards of living

Take off those shoes and socks of complacency

And be bare feet and free!

feeling free

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Own your emotions


We have a tendency to bottle up our emotions.  When our bodies become the storehouse for these emotions we begin to experience physical ailments such as headaches, body aches, digestive problems and etc.  Our emotions were never meant to be stored but expressed.  Usually our emotions range between feelings of happy, sad, angry and fear.  We usually do a better job releasing our happy feelings but struggle with the latter three. Sometimes we desensitized and are not even aware of our feelings. We must own our emotions. How do you own your emotions?

By doing the following three things:


Stop and take the time to recognize your emotions. Recognize what is happening physically because our bodies do an excellent job informing us of our emotions.  Sadness usually affects your appetite and energy level as for anger it can take a toll on your cognitive reasoning, body temperature and gets us roused up.  As for fear  we usually feel agitated, affects sleep, we become restless, may experience headaches or upset stomach.  Please do not take these examples as the end all for we vary on how our bodies respond to emotions but these symptoms give you a general idea.

 Identify the Root

Once you have recognized the emotion then you must identify the root cause. This can take time and requires patience on your part. If you’re the type of person who has become an expert on storing emotions this part of the process may take awhile. It is imperative that you take the time to reflect on past and current situations and the emotions they bring. If you find yourself struggling to identify the root ask a trusted friend or family member their thoughts.


After recognizing and identifying then it’s time to release. We must release in order to grow and heal.

The following are a few suggestions but of course there are many other healthy methods for releasing.  Some of the suggestions are also interchangeable.


  • Yell it out
  • Punch it out ( not a person) but a punching bag or pillow
  • Walk it out
  • Run it out
  • Write it out


  • Talk it out
  • Cry it out
  • Laugh it out
  • Pray it out
  • Meditate it out


  • Face it
  • Speak it
  • Challenge it
  • Embrace it



Emotional wellness is important.  If we are not able to maintain emotional wellness we will be unable to live full peaceful purpose driven lives.