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Beautiful Love A Poem 

The beauty in love is not spotless 

It’s not white and clean 

There’s no perfect picture 

Beautiful love is messy and rough 

It’s durable from the trials and stuff 

It’s hidden way deep and requires hard labor 

Like digging for a pearl or searching for a rare diamond 

Beautiful love comes from red 

Inspiration, poetry

I receive the blessing!


It’s a new day!

If the sun is shining or it’s pouring raining

It’s a new day!

I woke up in my right mind and feeling just fine

Clothes on my back and food on my table

I believe in God and I know He’s able

Don’t have everything I want and sometimes lack material needs

But I’m blessed to have the free things indeed

Love, joy, peace and forgiveness

Family and friends who love me

A purpose driven life

I think I’m doing alright

On my good days and on my bad

Rather I’m sad or glad

I keep my head up and think on these things

That I have blessings all around me to receive


Empowerment, Encouragement, Inspiration, Motivation, self growth, Wellness



I have keloid skin sometimes referred to as keloid scar, which is a tough heaped-up scar that rises quite abruptly above the rest of the skin. Unlike scars, keloids do not regress over time.  Needless to say, if cut I’m left with a permanent mark which isn’t pretty.  Having scars is a forever reminder of what has occurred in your life. The scar on my face reminds me of childhood and my attempt to move an old TV with a broken antenna.   The scar on my knee brings back memories of being chased by a neighborhood dog.  Most recently the scars around my abdomen are reminders of the multiple surgeries due to my health which have officially taken away my bikini belly.


I’m pretty sure you can name off scars located on various parts of your body.  In addition to physical scars, we also have invisible scars … deep emotional, mental and spiritual cuts which have left marks.  Sometimes you can pretend that the internal scars don’t exist but eventually the truth is revealed.  I use to be ashamed of my outward and inward scars of life but that is no longer the case.  I now choose to view my scars as badges of honor, stories of how I’ve overcome obstacles.    When we choose to change our perspective on the scars we bear no longer do they carry emotional weight.    The scars now become stories to be shared with others that provide encouragement and empowerment that if you got through they can also.  Scars remind you of the strength carried within your spirit…there’s a song that says “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger…I’m an overcomer”.

Carry no shame in your spirit because of the scars you have endured…your scars are testament that you’ve loved, gave and tried…that you are beautifully flawed with a story to tell…


Empowerment, Encouragement, Spirituality, Wellness

Blackbird Fly


Life is peculiar at times.  It can seem the ones who are given the biggest dreams appear to have the worst obstacles and setbacks.  Sometimes these obstacles make it impossible to even fathom the possibility of achieving your dreams.  Some of the brightest most sincere kind hearted people I know seem like they have been dealt a bad stack of cards.  Often times their lives are drenched with injustices, poverty and lack of opportunities.  This can crush the spirit and cause self-doubt, discouragement, depression and sometimes anger.  This crushed spirit begins to feed the mind continuous negative thoughts that cause a vicious cycle of unhealthy choices.  Choosing poor relationships, lack of self-care and some may turn to the fast past night life, all these things masquerades the hurt of broken dreams.

I am a person who believes in God.  I also believe that He is a very personal God who welcomes dialogue even uncomfortable topics that question Him.  I asked Him one day about these “Black Birds” people who seem to be given an unfair shot at life.  His response amazed me He said, “I placed the most beautiful minds and spirits inside of them. They are the ones with purpose far bigger than they can imagine.  They have the gift of intuition coupled with feelings of compassion to change the world.  They have been gifted with the ability to commune with me and hear me speak in their life.” He continued to say, “There is so much more but you wouldn’t be able to comprehend it all. The complexity of this world is beyond your understanding.  There is a limit to what you are capable of grasping.”

But, He summed it up with these words, “The ones with the biggest challenges, setbacks and hardships are the ones who hold the greatest impact. They carry within them a fight and persistent, perseverance and tenacity of hope.  Their life is not one of punishment for the beautiful jewels are the ones that have been refined through the fire. I love and care for them dearly my presence is always near even when it’s hard to see.  I gave my Son Jesus this same cross to bear when He walked this earth…A life of poverty and hardship, just as His reward was great so shall yours be also.  You are not the forgotten you’re my greatest testimony of over comers.  It’s your stories that encourage, empower and inspire others.  It’s your stories that teach us love.  It’s your stories that plant seeds in others and makes the gardens of life grow.”

Empowerment, poetry, self growth, Wellness

Bare Feet 

bare feet

I’m bare feet in the sun running in the grass

I’m bare feet in the sand walking along the shore

I am liberated in my bare feet I feel so whole

No pretending or covering up those toes

I don’t need a pedicure or nail color to shine

Just my plain ole bare feet will do just fine

I’m beauty and bold in my bare feet

Bare feet represent my truth represents all of me

Do you want to be bare feet with me?

Take off society’s norms and standards of living

Take off those shoes and socks of complacency

And be bare feet and free!

feeling free

Empowerment, Wellness

The Chase 

A Poem


Morning noon and night the CHASE

Money money money

Big House

Luxury Car


Social status


Latest trend

life of modern people

Morning noon and night the CRAVE




the chase is not needed for the important things in life

simple things in life




not in the chase but in the BEING

Morning noon and night

Being forgiving

Being authentic

Being non-judgmental

Being still

Being wellness

Being spiritual


Morning noon and night….