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Why We March 

I told my son that we would be going downtown to march for justice. He said, ” mom what’s the purpose shouldn’t we just let the justice system handle it”? I said son we march because the court system isn’t set up to protect us. We march because we want laws to be changed so that people of color are better protected by police brutality and violence. We march because if we remain silence who will stand for the voiceless. We march because if we unite in protest, marches, rallies and yes even boycotts if we unite, a movement will form, that can not be ignored and then and only then will they listen. 

Do Something

Humanity, life, Social Advocacy, Social Cause, Social Issues, Social Justice, Tolerance

I Cried Today 

I cried today because two more black men were gunned down 
I cried today because those two represent a thousands more whose stories go unheard 
I cried today for the little girl who witnessed her mothers boyfriend lie in his blood 
I cried today for the children of Alton Sterling 
I cried today  because of the violent fear of my three sons black skin 
I cried today for the mothers of Philando Castile and Alton Sterling 
I cried today for every young gifted and black under attack 

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Looking Beyond the Surface 

I’m so thankful for a God who sees.  God is not a God ONLY for the social elite or the “Elites Christian” He is the God of the marginalized, outcasted, poverty stricken, oppressed, mis-fits,  single mothers, Blacks, Whites, Brown and Yellow, Gays, Lesbians, Bi-sexual’s and Transgender.  It is not mankind’s position to place judgement on ANYONE.  We are finite creatures and incapable of knowing the spiritual  journey a person is on.
I write and speak on these issues with passion and sincerity because I know how it feels to be viewed an outcast. I know how it feels to be talked about and judged by the church.  I know how it feels to have this enormous amount of love and gratitude to God but feel outcasted from corporate worship because the church has made you feel as if “kinds like you” are not welcomed.  So you end up leaving or staying away from the church.  I write with BOLDNESS when I say…
KNOW you are LOVED
KNOW you are WELCOMED by Him

“By this time a lot of men and women of doubtful reputation were hanging around Jesus, listening intently. The Pharisees and religion scholars were not pleased, not at all pleased. They growled, “He takes in sinners and eats meals with them, treating them like old friends.” Their grumbling triggered this story.” Luke 15 1-3 MSG

Humanity, Tolerance

Freedom of Choice 

 tolerance 1
When I think of humanity I think of a world that is full of different people with different cultures, backgrounds, ethnicity and beliefs. Because of my love for humanity I joined “Our Humanity” online community when I posted a personal spiritual belief in a Creator it caused an uproar.  It was felt that “my personal spiritual beliefs” were offensive to others. It perplexed me to call a community “Our Humanity” if we’re unable to have mature, respectable in love and peace conversations about all the many parts of us that make us human.  By no means am I implying this to mean having the freedom to bash, insult, disrespect or express beliefs that cause physical harm to others..also it does mean forcing ones belief upon another. What I am talking about is if humanity REALLY wants to form some kind of unity we have to be able to have these kind of conversations about our differences in a respectful manner. How else will we grow as individuals? IMG_3942-0Eventually I chose to leave the “Our Humanity” community…but my questions remained…which I present to you…why are we so offended by others choices? Why does ones different beliefs stir such strong emotions where we bash and insult each other because they “choose” to carry their belief”? Why does someone else’s living their truth make you feel threaten in yours? If a personal belief is not causing any “personal harm” to you why does it matter? We ALL have been given the freedom of choice..freedom to choose our truths…what I choose as absolute truth in my life doesn’t mean my neighbor will believe the same. I do not believe it is my place to judge, insult, or disrespect their belief. What I do hope for is having the ability to share and learn from each other where we both leave with a little bit of growth for having the courage to experience with each other parts of our lives…isn’t this what love in action of humanity really is? How can we come together to solve the bigger issues such as poverty, world peace, environmental issues, social inequalities if we can’t even get to a place where we respect the core of every human being their mind, body and spirit…spirit consist of ones spiritual beliefs, lifestyle choices and etc. When will we come to a place where we can safely and peacefully have dialogue with out the other feeling threaten or offended? What I’ve learn is this…I choose to live a non-judgmental life and I choose to live a life filled with love for humanity if I choose this way of living this includes accepting and respecting what others think and believe rather I agree with it or not. I choose not to take offense or become defensive just because some one chooses to live a truth different than mine…what I choose is to learn and grow opening up opportunities to dialogue with different people who come from ALL walks of life.  I’ve experience from choosing this way of living bridges formed and walls broken down when we choose to come in love, peace and acceptance unity in communities form…interfaith, non-faith, and etc accepting one another and working together for the common good.  This is what I hope for in humanity.