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Why We March 

I told my son that we would be going downtown to march for justice. He said, ” mom what’s the purpose shouldn’t we just let the justice system handle it”? I said son we march because the court system isn’t set up to protect us. We march because we want laws to be changed so that people of color are better protected by police brutality and violence. We march because if we remain silence who will stand for the voiceless. We march because if we unite in protest, marches, rallies and yes even boycotts if we unite, a movement will form, that can not be ignored and then and only then will they listen. 

Do Something

Humanity, life, Social Advocacy, Social Cause, Social Issues, Social Justice, Tolerance

I Cried Today 

I cried today because two more black men were gunned down 
I cried today because those two represent a thousands more whose stories go unheard 
I cried today for the little girl who witnessed her mothers boyfriend lie in his blood 
I cried today for the children of Alton Sterling 
I cried today  because of the violent fear of my three sons black skin 
I cried today for the mothers of Philando Castile and Alton Sterling 
I cried today for every young gifted and black under attack 

Humanity, Social Advocacy, Social Cause, Social Equality, Social Issues

True Cost


Over consumption comes at a cost.  If we the consumers don’t begin to ask the hard questions to become advocates for the voiceless who will?

We cannot depend on changes to occur through government or for Corporate America to suddenly develop a moral conscious.  Capitalism relies on profit the more we buy and consume the richer “they” get.


Change must come through the power of the people.  We must not ignore the cost of over consumption…every day millions of garment workers, farm workers, and so many other poorly paid people literally sacrifice blood sweat and tears for western society wants of “things”.


United voices must form seeking a revolution of ethical and moral values when it comes to human and environmental rights.

If not now than when if not us than whom…

Humanity, Social Advocacy, Social Cause, Social Equality, Social Issues, Social Justice

Tear Ducts 

A Response to the Baltimore City Riots in Poem


Tears keep the surface of your eyeball clean and moist, and help protect your eye from damage.

I think our society needs to shed some tears.

Tears for our brothers and sisters who are living oppressed.

Tears for social equality.

Tears for fairness.

Tears for peace.

Tears for love.

Tears for unity.

Tears for non-judging.

Tears for hope.

If we cry maybe we can clean out the dirt and mess…if we cry loud enough will they hear?


Humanity, Social Advocacy, Social Cause, Social Equality, Social Issues, Social Justice

The Perfect Storm



The Perfect Storm

: A critical or disastrous situation created by a powerful concurrence of factors

civil_disobedience_14-Santa-Rosa-CA-Occupywater crisis, food insecurity, widening gap between rich and poor, police brutality,social injustices, social inequalities, climate change, environmental issues, violence and oppression against women, unfair labor practices, student loan debt, corporation greed, money in politics, over populated prisons with minorities, racism, classism, lack of quality education in urban neighborhoods, wars but no peace…

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Stand by Me


What is considered basic human rights? How does a fair society look and operate? I recently finish watching the documentary “Food Chains” about the social injustices of farm workers in Florida.  The documentary reveals the human cost in our food supply…the trillions of dollars made off the back of their sweat while the farm workers live in poverty and forced to work under subhuman conditions.  Every time I watch a documentary around these kinds of issues I am always filled with such strong emotions about the sickness of greed and capitalism.  I am unable to wrap my brain around the mentality of Corporate America.  What do you tell yourself to justify making billions of dollars by exploiting others…which leads me back to my original question what are basic human rights? I believe the answer to this question is clean water, healthy food, proper shelter, health care, decent living wages and the right to education. Why are these needs deprived from some and in abundance to others?  Is fairness only an illusion word used often but rarely seen in action? How do we create a fair society?


I believe the first steps are valuing every human being just as much as we value ourselves. It’s practicing a non-judgmental state of mind, tolerance and compassion for others.  It includes selflessness, opening your eyes to the world outside the four corners walls of your life, stepping outside your comfort zone and taking the time to understand different cultures and issues faced in their community.  There are simple steps one can take such as picking up a book, reading a blog, or watching a documentary.  I believe there’s power in our voices power when humanity comes together and says enough is enough and begins to organize. There are numerous established non-profits and grass roots organization already working tirelessly making a difference find a cause that speaks to you and join in the action. It takes a village to raise a nation!

Fair and equality