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Most people’s idea of winning is when you beat your competition and come in first place. For some winning in this matter means the world to them. Some people spend their entire life trying to beat out all the competition to be the one at the top…the “big dog”. Their dream in life is to be recognize as the very best…better than all the rest….and by any means necessary. No matter the cost, their willing to suffer the consequences, rather if it’s sacrificing love ones, relationships, loyalties and sometimes even “selling out”…for them the end justifies the means.
I’ve come to adopt a new idealism on winning. I think of winning in a communal sense. Which means I can’t win if your not winning also. I win…you win…we all win! Now to some I know this way of thinking sounds utopia and too idealist. But what can I say to that argument I’m an idealist so therefore I’m constantly thinking outside the box of innovating ways to better ourselves and the community. I believe I am not alone and that their are many other Idealist out there thinking the same thing. I have found the most rewarding, peaceful, joyful and inspiring life happens when my thoughts or not on “I” but “we”.  
This concept of thinking can be implemented in practical ways of living. For example, if a project is given at work, this communal way of winning could be implemented by thinking of ways to collaborate with all the human resources available which means looking in the community also perhaps inviting young people from the community into the office setting to help with the project. This provides an automatic mentoring partnership between your company and the young people in the community. Another example could be if your dealing with a personal struggle and have been trying to win alone at it…perhaps create your own support group…or if your an introvert like me, partner up with just one person, start a blog or webpage for others to come together dealing with the same issues. It seems to me we have a much better chance of actually really winning the race when we stop going at it alone and start reaching out to others.  
The positive ripple effect of the many lives that can be transformed would be AMAZING! 

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Stand by Me


What is considered basic human rights? How does a fair society look and operate? I recently finish watching the documentary “Food Chains” about the social injustices of farm workers in Florida.  The documentary reveals the human cost in our food supply…the trillions of dollars made off the back of their sweat while the farm workers live in poverty and forced to work under subhuman conditions.  Every time I watch a documentary around these kinds of issues I am always filled with such strong emotions about the sickness of greed and capitalism.  I am unable to wrap my brain around the mentality of Corporate America.  What do you tell yourself to justify making billions of dollars by exploiting others…which leads me back to my original question what are basic human rights? I believe the answer to this question is clean water, healthy food, proper shelter, health care, decent living wages and the right to education. Why are these needs deprived from some and in abundance to others?  Is fairness only an illusion word used often but rarely seen in action? How do we create a fair society?


I believe the first steps are valuing every human being just as much as we value ourselves. It’s practicing a non-judgmental state of mind, tolerance and compassion for others.  It includes selflessness, opening your eyes to the world outside the four corners walls of your life, stepping outside your comfort zone and taking the time to understand different cultures and issues faced in their community.  There are simple steps one can take such as picking up a book, reading a blog, or watching a documentary.  I believe there’s power in our voices power when humanity comes together and says enough is enough and begins to organize. There are numerous established non-profits and grass roots organization already working tirelessly making a difference find a cause that speaks to you and join in the action. It takes a village to raise a nation!

Fair and equality

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The Beauty that Lies Beneath


As a society we tend to gravitate to the negative.  In the media and news we constantly hear stories about people who are making poor choices.  We hear about the superficial politicians, hypocritical religious leaders, murders and etc. I want to direct your attention to another group of people who usually go unnoticed; Everyday people who are doing extraordinary things.  We often think of the word extraordinary to mean something that is huge and gains a lot of attention.  However, I beg to differ, extraordinary is when you choose to step outside your comfort zone when you choose to think beyond self.  Small acts of kindness and service to others this to me is extraordinary.  The caring person in the neighborhood who always checks on the elderly, the co-workers who take the time to listen to your problems, the person in the checkout line who helps pay for someone’s food, the store clerk who always greets you with a smile and willingness to go out their way to help you, the teacher who stays late after work to help students who struggle in class, the humble sanitation worker who every morning smiles and says “have a good day, the janitors at our jobs who always seem to have wisdom nuggets to share if you take the time to listen.  Ordinary people with beauty beneath; A beauty when exposed brings warmth to the soul and light to the world. We don’t hear about these people to often but they are here on our jobs, at our churches, schools and communities.  Just ordinary people living the beauty that lies beneath…

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What If?

Denial – Refusal to admit the truth or reality

Are there times in one’s life where the truth is to unbearable?  Can we grow as a society living in denial? Exposing truth is not easy.  Most notable people in our world’s history who chose to speak truth were ostracized by society, assassinated, or just thought to be to idealistic or radical in their thinking.  Imagine with me for a minute how humanity would look if we all spoke the truth about the world around us? If today we chose to “walk a mile in someone else’s shoes”.  What if leaders of this nation, take for example our congress, took an extended field trip, I don’t mean a photo op visit,  around the communities they represent, if they visited the schools and talked with the people of the community.  What if they saw firsthand the 1 in 6 people who struggle with food insecurity?  What if the 1% of the people who control the wealth in the world had to drink and use the dirty water that 750 million people around this world have to use because they don’t have access to clean safe water?  What if they lived on incomes that nearly half of the world’s population lives on, incomes that continue to decrease but labor increases, incomes that barely provide people with the opportunities to move from pay check to pay check?  What if we really started a global conversation about classism and racisms and its effect?  What if we started listening to each other and viewing others from a non-judgmental position?

What if?

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Kryptonite Fear

Growing up Superman was my favorite superhero.  His powers defied human capabilities.  However, he did have one weakness (no it wasn’t Lois) but kryptonite….this caused him to lose all his powers and become so weak he was subject to his enemies.

This kind of crippling weakness reminds me of the power of fear.  Fear drives wars between nations, wedges between different cultural and ethnicities, greed that causes poverty and suffering.  Fear limits the possibility of achieving dreams and aspirations.  A simple four letter word that packs a whole lot of punch!

The opposite of fear is LOVE.  Love opens your heart and mind to reconciliation, healing, tolerance, civil liberty, social justice and so much more.  Love opens the door of your heart to believe in the impossible! Love offers you a life of freedom, the opportunity to grow and in the process discover “A New You”.  A “New You” that could make a lasting impact on our society.


You may ask what steps I should take to loosen the grip of fear in my life:

When facing fears you must ask yourself is this a real threat or is this False Evidence Appearing Real (FEAR) if it is the latter attempt to push beyond the fear and keep moving forward;

Take a risk and step outside your comfort zone;

Learn about a different culture;

Get involve in your community and or a global social cause;

Be patient with yourself during the process.

A friend of mine has a sign written on her wall that reads, “Do not fear for it is written in the Bible 365 times not to fear”.  This quote made me think about God’s love for mankind that He foreknew we would have to live in a world where we experience fear.  Therefore He placed in His word 365 times as an everyday daily reminder NOT TO FEAR!

I encourage you to start everyday mediating on the good things He has done in your life.  It’s in the praise where fear loses its grip and power!



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Ripple effect of love

According to Oceanographers when the wind blows across the water it changes the water’s surface, first into ripples and then into waves these waves can travel several distances and play and intricate part to our environment. Imagine what the world would look like if we all contribute a ripple effect? A ripple in giving of ones time to help others in need, a ripple in making daily life-style choices that take care of our environment, a ripple in forgiveness, a ripple in compassion , a ripple in civility, a ripple in breaking all forms of prejudices….Each of us has a ripple…I call it a purpose, a voice unique only to you…a purpose that can help somebody else and in return end up changing you…share your ripple effect today!!