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Beautiful Love A Poem 

The beauty in love is not spotless 

It’s not white and clean 

There’s no perfect picture 

Beautiful love is messy and rough 

It’s durable from the trials and stuff 

It’s hidden way deep and requires hard labor 

Like digging for a pearl or searching for a rare diamond 

Beautiful love comes from red 

Inspiration, poetry

I receive the blessing!


It’s a new day!

If the sun is shining or it’s pouring raining

It’s a new day!

I woke up in my right mind and feeling just fine

Clothes on my back and food on my table

I believe in God and I know He’s able

Don’t have everything I want and sometimes lack material needs

But I’m blessed to have the free things indeed

Love, joy, peace and forgiveness

Family and friends who love me

A purpose driven life

I think I’m doing alright

On my good days and on my bad

Rather I’m sad or glad

I keep my head up and think on these things

That I have blessings all around me to receive


Empowerment, Encouragement, Motivation, poetry, self growth

Don’t Give Up 

Life comes in seasons 

And winters can be tough 

It’s the time you feel like giving up 

The hardships of winter bring wear and tear

Your soul cries out I can no longer bare 

But the inner voice inside you says hold on 

The journey is rough at times 

Some seasons can be unkind 

But the struggles build confidence and strength 

Your so close to your goals 

Your pressing forward is not in vain 

Even if you feel your going insane 

For it takes a little bit of insanity to achieve big dreams 

Tenacity and perseverance to believe in self 

Relentlessly pursuing the dreams you hold true 

For there are many who start the race 

Some make it half way 

Others get close to the finish line 


But the few who endure to the very end 

Are the ones who purposed in their heart from the start 

That no matter what they will not give up!!! 


Empowerment, poetry, self growth


“The hardest battle you are ever going to have to fight is the battle to be just you.” Leo Buscaglia

I use to care what other people thought of me

Cared about opinions cared about popularity

Cared about being liked cared about looking right

So much caring began to engulf me

Started suffocating out the freedom to be

Became bound by chains of self doubt

Fear of the stares if I stepped out

Slowly and slowly I reached my tipping point

Little by little I started to grow

The seed that was planted rooted deep within

Spoke to my spirit and said this has to end

You were designed for a purpose and this isn’t it

Designed to be authentic and boldly live it

Designed to empower and encourage others to do the same

Now days my caring has changed

Released from the burden of what others think

Experiencing the freedom of just being me


The Pen

The pen
                                                              At first glance she seems quiet and reserved
The one in the room far left silently observing
She’s never been called the center of the party
But there’s a fire that burns deep inside
An insightful person who often sees the unseen
Able to recognize the real from the fake
She carries a passion for social justice and equality
A strong advocate for change
Believes in empowerment and one living out their truth
A girl on fire but you never knew
She doesn’t yell or cause a ruckus
Doesn’t manipulate or scheme
Her ball of fire is the pen
She chooses her words wisely to get her point across
Wants to leave the reader thinking strongly about the thought
The thoughts of love
The thoughts of living non-judgmentally
Thoughts of holistic wellness
Thoughts of peace
In the writing her voice cries out
In her writing she’s loud and clear
There’s no shyness here
With the pen she carries her message
With the pen she is strong
No fear to write her truth
Everyone has a weapon of choice
Some choose guns or hateful words
While others use money and power
I choose weapons that build and restore
Weapons of love and unity
I choose weapons that put an end to hate & fear
Her lethal weapon that carries weight
The one she uses the most
Her precious weapon of choice
Is the power within the pen
Encouragement, life, poetry

The Waiting Game

waiting game

This is not one of my favorite things to do

Time stands still and nothing seems clear

I’m left to battle with my fears

How will this thing turn out?

How will it end?

I’m holding on tightly trying not to bend

My mind is wandering

Thoughts about uncertainty

I try to grip harder to my faith

Because Lords knows I hate to wait

Anxiously waiting to hear the news

Will I be excited or filled with gloom

I wonder which direction my life will take

Sometimes waiting is all that’s left

Got to keep on moving even with things unmet

Press forward and stay encourage I tell myself

Keep on living and don’t give up

I occupy my time in service to others

Occupy my time counting my blessings

I occupy my time praising in advance

Who says during the waiting your life has to halt

Time goes by and I’m still in the wait

But each day new wisdom and knowledge I take

I grow in patience and trust too

Each day I lean on my Higher Power for strength to get through

Lord knows I had to wait

But Lord knows what it takes

To build and mold me into my all

So in the spectrum of things the more I think the wait isn’t that bad after all