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A message of encouragement to young single mothers 


There’s meaning and purpose to your life. The road you travel hasn’t been easy. The weight of parenting falls mainly on you…it’s you who may have experienced judgement, shame or painful whispers from others as your belly grew…at times you may have felt alone and hopeless. I am a testimony that it’s not over its not finished. 
I was raised by a single mother and was a single mother for many years before marrying. I’m a witness to the pain, loneliness, and discouragement.  I know personally the feelings of shame and rejection. But I also know there’s hope; I know perseverance; I know we serve a God that specializes in creating beauty out of any circumstance. 
There are countless single mothers who raised children that became healthy successful adults…I call them unsung heroes and there many untold stories of triumph that haven’t been shared. Know that your destiny is not measured by how the story begins but how it ends. Keep moving forward! Stay encouraged! Share your story you never know who it may inspire…