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When the party ends…

How do you measure a true sisterhood or brotherhood friendship?

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Is it measured by the number of events the person shows up to in your life…the birthday parties, graduation celebrations, weddings and etc. Is it measured by the number of times they call you are the amount of things they give you?

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You see when I think about the measure of true sisterhood and brotherhood friendships my mind goes deeper than the above mention things.  Because even the crowd shows up for the events, calls you and buys you gifts.  It’s when (excuse my French) “the shit hits the fan”…when the party has ended and everyone has exited the building….when the reputation has been pulled through the mud….when there’s no fan fare….when your left all alone…the friend’s who are still standing with you…loyal to the end…the friends who are still  there for emotional support….it’s those rare kind of friendships that truly reflect the gift of sisterhood and brotherhood.


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The Gift of Friendship

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By the time most reach their middle age the large friendship group has dwindled down. Some friendships grow apart, others turned out not to be true friends, some may have passed away while others took a different path of life. But then there are a rare few that we meet along life’s journey that find a spot within our spirit and the connection is as if they been there all along.  True friends are very rare in this day and age. hold-a-true-friend-with-both-your-hands-10

In a true friendship there is a healthy balance of giving and receiving.  In true friendships both uplift and encourage each other. True friendships support you. True friends are loyal. They stand by you in good and bad times. The opposite of true friendships are toxic ones. One psychologist explains that a toxic friendship is unsupportive, draining, unrewarding, stifling, unsatisfying, and often unequal.  I’ve had to let go of toxic friendships that were not healthy for me. In return I’ve gain beautiful friendships that have strengthen, motivated and empowered me.  True friendships play a part in helping us live our truth.  If your friendships are not helping you grow and reach higher places if your friendships are not a place where you feel valued, appreciated and respected…than it may be time to reevaluate.  But, if you find yourself growing daily from being in their company…then hold on tight for those are the rare gift friendships…a blessing to the soul.