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COVER – put something in front of (something) in order to conceal it.

I remember in my teen years I use to love make-up. I loved the way I could paint my face up and make my appearance look completely different. I recently was reading an article about a famous entertainer whose been accused of immoral acts although the evidence is mounted up against him of his guilt, there still is a split in public opinion. The writer of the article was sharing their belief that the split of opinion comes from the fact that this celebrity created a wonderful reputation for himself which makes it difficult for people to see his flawed character.  I thought about this concept and it reminded me of younger years and my love for make-up it too helps to cover up flaws. I started thinking of the fact that it’s easier to “Cover” than to “Expose”. A person can spend a lifetime creating a wonderful image…have a great reputation at work, in the community and among friends and enjoy the many accolades that come from this. But that great reputation is meaningless if the character stinks. You see it’s easy to “cover” up your character nobody has to ever see “who you really are” when you’re behind closed doors or the thoughts that go on in your head…no one has to know if deep inside you harbor bitterness, envy and pride…no one sees the thoughts of selfishness or judgment of others. It’s easy in our society to “cover” put make-up on, dress up and give the appearance that we are this great wonderful person with this great wonderful life when we’re really a beautiful golden apple that’s brown and rotten on the inside.  You see we tend not to like talking about our rotten parts we don’t like being “exposed”. I will be the first to admit that I use to live a life focused on maintaining a good reputation. But somewhere on my journey, I realized that I spent so much time covering up that I neglected to nurture and grow my character. Nowadays you can say I have a “controversial” reputation. I’m totally and completely exposed…no “cover” or “make-up” just the raw me. But, I have found living the raw me challenges me more, it strengthens me and has brought me peace, joy and a healthy love of self. I feel free! Every day my Creator teaches me something new about myself I see my character being molded and shaped into something beautiful…beautifully flawed exposed individual living in His grace.


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Give Love


I am not one who is interested in the secular “jolly spirit “. I ran into the mall the other day and immediately when I walked into the store I was overwhelmed with the scurry of people running to and fro…I didn’t even stay to pick up the item I u-turned out the mall. As I was driving home I began to think about the scene I witnessed and pondered on the fact that somehow I think as a society we still have lost the true meaning of Christmas. I believe Christmas is about that four letter word “love”. True love in action isn’t about gifts, obligations, over spending and over indulging. The true meaning of love is about giving of self. Love is about taking the time to be a presence for love ones…quality time over quantity of “things” will always win in my book. Giving love is sharing your time and energy for those in need. It’s remembering the less fortunate, single mothers struggling, widows, elderly and those who are down on their luck. It’s about slowing down and getting still so that you are able to truly see and hear what’s really important. Now by no means am I saying that gifts are not nice and etc. But what I am saying is the best gifts are FREE!

Give Love

As I reflect during this holiday and the near closing of another year…I would like to give love by sharing the following gifts to you:
1) Live by faith beyond reason and receive spiritual and emotional growth
2) Dance to the beat of your own drum…dance like you’ve never danced before and receive the true freedom of living
3) Receive the free gifts of love, joy and true inner peace and share these blessings with everyone you come in contact with.

Ture Christmas

Live a life of service, Laugh hearty and Love, Love…LOVE!!!

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The Great Pretenders


In my field of work, I’ve come across many people who are dissatisfied with their life. Some are in unhappy stagnant marriages or relationships while others feel lonely and fearful to truly be themselves among their friendship circles. From the outside, everything seems good in their life but when they are alone at night the truth resurfaces reminding them they’re living a lie. I call these the great pretenders. You may be surprised to know that we live among many great pretenders. It could be your boss at work with the picture perfect family portrait sitting at his desk or the social butterfly in your friendship group with hundreds of Facebook friends. It’s the neighbor with the big house, the pastor of the mega-church, the couple that just celebrated their 20 year anniversary and so many more. Some of the most well-liked, brave on the outside, well-spoken and most popular people are the very ones when behind closed doors feel the most dissatisfied, fearful and insecure. Everyday people, you come across portraying to the outside world that everything is great when deep inside this is farthest from the truth. The thing about great pretenders that make it so easy to continue living the persona is pretenders attract pretenders…therefore no one is forced to take a truthful look at themselves. Pretender’s social circles are filled with other great pretenders so everyone puts on a great show around each other keeping things surface so true selves remain hidden.

I use to be a great pretender. Pretending I had this great fulfilling life when deep inside I knew my truth was contrary to the persona I kept. All great pretenders will come to a place in life where they find themselves at a crossroad. It is at this time you are left with two decisions:

1) Take the Risk
The first choice you have is to “take the risk”. You have the choice to stop all the lies and game playing and boldly begin to truly live your truth. You have the choice to step outside your comfort zone loose the persona and discover the real you. You have the option to take the risk of losing some friendships or relationships but only to find true authentic ones to take their place. You have the decision to follow the fork in the road that leads to true freedom, holistic wellbeing, happiness, and peace. You have the decision to take the road less traveled and discover a whole new you!

2) Stay Put
The other option you have is to “stay put”. The option to stay put in the persona you built. This option is safe and doesn’t require any changes to the “status quo”. This option allows you to continue living the same way you have always been living, dressing up the outside real good and playing the part. This choice will not “rock the boat” everything will stay intact. Let me just say the majority choose this option and go on to live a steady conventional life. Although, in the back of their mind they always wonder what it would be like if they stepped outside that box, they never take the chance.

pretending (1)

I chose option 2 for most of my life, but it ended up killing me on the inside. So much of who I really was, my purpose, value, personality, likes and dislikes were buried deep to maintain the box I lived in to keep “my role” in the great pretending. To keep the life, I thought I wanted and needed created this wonderful imagine on the outside but this decaying on the inside. It took years of growth to finally wake up and face my fears, step outside that box, move from my comfort zone and boldly say “this is me…like me or hate me…love me or leave me…talk about me or join me…but this is my truth”! Now don’t get me wrong it’s scary as hell when you step on that platform and reveal the real authentic you ​because you don’t know what will happen. But I’m a living testimony of one who has gone before you and I am here to say that yes you will lose some friends, yes people will judge and talk about you, yes you will feel vulnerable and exposed, yes you will feel scared but trust me my friends the end result is SO much sweeter than the old life you lead before. You see although you lose friends you gain true authentic friendships, the fear, vulnerability and being exposed leads to strength and courage. The judgment from others teaches you how to challenge prejudices and discover commonalities. It creates even more bravery to stand tall in your truth and inspires others to do the same. You learn great empathy for others, how to truly listen to people and open up. This in turn creates a whole new kind of community/village of meaningful relationships people sharing of self and growing together. You learn what it really means to give and receive love. You finally discover what it truly means to be free!