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comfort-zone first step

Most of us don’t like to be place in uncomfortable situations.  I know I don’t …I feel it in all my senses when I have to do things outside of my comfort zone.  I usually don’t mind being placed within “my” limits of what is considered uncomfortable but when its push too far I revert back to my comfy place.  On my journey I’ve learned some of the greatest lessons in life one of the most valuable is this: In order to reach mountain top experiences and live an authentic life full of purpose you must be stretched to your discomfort zone.  Growth cannot and will not occur while you remain comfy! Once you reach that discomfort zone you must PUSH & FIGHT through it.  Eric Thomas a well known motivational speaker puts it like this “You must get pass your old you to get to your NEW you”.  This is not possible without feeling outside of your element.


Know today that your wildest dreams are possible…know today that you were designed to live a life of freedom of what others do, say or think…know that you are capable to achieve your goals.  PUSH & FIGHT through the uncomfortable.  One more important thing to remember is with each level of achievement towards your goals raises the stakes which means your uncomfortable zone last year or last month will be different… with each level comes different challenges…this my friends is the process to success… this is the process to accomplishing what use to seem impossible possible.


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