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When the party ends…

How do you measure a true sisterhood or brotherhood friendship?

million friends quote

Is it measured by the number of events the person shows up to in your life…the birthday parties, graduation celebrations, weddings and etc. Is it measured by the number of times they call you are the amount of things they give you?

truth friend

You see when I think about the measure of true sisterhood and brotherhood friendships my mind goes deeper than the above mention things.  Because even the crowd shows up for the events, calls you and buys you gifts.  It’s when (excuse my French) “the shit hits the fan”…when the party has ended and everyone has exited the building….when the reputation has been pulled through the mud….when there’s no fan fare….when your left all alone…the friend’s who are still standing with you…loyal to the end…the friends who are still  there for emotional support….it’s those rare kind of friendships that truly reflect the gift of sisterhood and brotherhood.


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True Cost


Over consumption comes at a cost.  If we the consumers don’t begin to ask the hard questions to become advocates for the voiceless who will?

We cannot depend on changes to occur through government or for Corporate America to suddenly develop a moral conscious.  Capitalism relies on profit the more we buy and consume the richer “they” get.


Change must come through the power of the people.  We must not ignore the cost of over consumption…every day millions of garment workers, farm workers, and so many other poorly paid people literally sacrifice blood sweat and tears for western society wants of “things”.


United voices must form seeking a revolution of ethical and moral values when it comes to human and environmental rights.

If not now than when if not us than whom…

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Life has handed me some tough battles to face…most recently dealing with my health issues and recovering from yet another surgery…this writing piece was inspired by my determination to not give up or give in to self-pity.  My Creator has provided me with a tremendous amount of peace in my spirit that “Giants do come but Giants do fall”…I hope this writing encourages you on your life journey….

giants life

We all have battles we face.  Some are minor and don’t require much of our strength while others can be major…So major that the process in order to conquer those giants requires faith. Faith is beyond your senses and reason.  I believe this type of faith is only possible when you are connected to a Higher Power for me this Higher Power is my Creator; I believe there are some giants that require supernatural power. Whatever giants you are facing in your life whatever they maybe don’t give up press forward and stand your ground determined in your spirit to trust beyond reason and then watch those giants fall one by one. We are all destine to live out purpose greater than “get rich or die tying” success in life is more than a pay check, house size, income bracket and etc.  What life is really about is facing giants and overcoming which in return empowers others by the testimony of your life.



The Pen

The pen
                                                              At first glance she seems quiet and reserved
The one in the room far left silently observing
She’s never been called the center of the party
But there’s a fire that burns deep inside
An insightful person who often sees the unseen
Able to recognize the real from the fake
She carries a passion for social justice and equality
A strong advocate for change
Believes in empowerment and one living out their truth
A girl on fire but you never knew
She doesn’t yell or cause a ruckus
Doesn’t manipulate or scheme
Her ball of fire is the pen
She chooses her words wisely to get her point across
Wants to leave the reader thinking strongly about the thought
The thoughts of love
The thoughts of living non-judgmentally
Thoughts of holistic wellness
Thoughts of peace
In the writing her voice cries out
In her writing she’s loud and clear
There’s no shyness here
With the pen she carries her message
With the pen she is strong
No fear to write her truth
Everyone has a weapon of choice
Some choose guns or hateful words
While others use money and power
I choose weapons that build and restore
Weapons of love and unity
I choose weapons that put an end to hate & fear
Her lethal weapon that carries weight
The one she uses the most
Her precious weapon of choice
Is the power within the pen
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There are many walks we travel down in life.  The walks into a new job or career…The walk down the wedding aisle…The walk of graduating…The walk into woman or manhood.  There are joyful occasion’s walks and mournful walks.  Each walk carries a story each walk has a life lesson.


The most important walk I’ve traveled is the one getting to know my true self and purpose. This walk has led me into a more intimate trusting relationship with my Creator.  The walk has had hard mountains to climb its cause sweat and tears, heartache and pain.  But this walk has also brought wisdom, laughter, joy and peace.  This walk taught me I was loved just for being me! This walk gave me clarity into my purpose and courage to live an authentic life.  This walk brought hope and has strengthened my character.  This walk taught me that out of all the walks I may experience in my lifetime it is this walk that matters the most.


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Hard Knocks


Before I begin let me clarify by saying that I believe in maintaining a positive outlook and mind set on life.  If we don’t maintain this positive attitude it becomes extremely difficult to continue on life’s journey with its winding turns and bumpy roads.  But today I am speaking a word of encouragement to the ones who always look on the bright side of things but keep getting rain storms.  To the person when life gives them lemons they make lemonade but at this point is filling up their 3rd gallon.  To the one who looks at the glass half full but each day finds less and less water in the glass.  To the ones who make plans, set goals, stays positive, keeps motivated and tries to maintain perseverance but life keeps bringing them blow after blow TKO after TKO.  At this point you just feel weak…you are not a quitter so you are not even thinking about giving up…but you feel your grip loosening as you try to hold on.

Sometimes on my life journey I find myself in this place, weak and feeble slowly moving along. Not wanting to give up but tired of making lemonade after lemonade with all the lemons…Wishing that my plans and dreams would happen perfectly like in the movies.  But after a short pity party I dust myself off and mend my wounds and keep moving.  How do I keep moving? Well I’m glad you ask that question and I’m happy to share.  I practice the following 3 things during the “Hard Knocks” times of my life:

  1. Keep the dialogue
  • I don’t stop talking. I keep the lines of communication open between me and my Creator. I express my raw pain and truth.  I share my anger, frustrations and restlessness with the process.  I cry in honesty to Him.
  • I keep the dialogue open with my spouse. We use adversity as opportunities to strengthen our bond…we pray together and comfort one another with words of encouragement.  We make a conscious effort to stay spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically connected especially during hard times.
  • I stay connected with my village. For me my village is very small only a handful of people who I know I can trust with my feelings and thoughts.  I choose not to shut them out.  I share with them my struggles and allow their support to feed and uplift my spirit.
  1. Stay away from fantasy

I have found when my life is at difficult vulnerable times I do better when I reframe or limit my social media time.  It doesn’t help me to feed my spirit the façade that social media can bring.  For me its social media for someone else it may be reality TV or gossip magazines or etc.  Whatever it is in your life that you know is fantasy that doesn’t help you feel better about yourself or circumstances after doing it is something you may want to remove or put limits on during your hard times.

  1. Count my blessings

I think it’s easy to forget the small blessings when you’re so concentrated on a big blessing to come.  We tend to pass by the countless small blessings we receive everyday because our mind is so focus on the bigger blessing we desire.  During hard knocks times in life I will myself to be aware of all the many blessings I receive every day.  The ability to wake up in my right mind and all my ligaments working correctly, family, friends, walks around the lake, my dog Jetson and his endless unconditional love he shows each and every day and so many more blessings to count.  These are just a few blessings from my life; I encourage you to ponder on the blessings in your everyday life.

These three things I shared are not made up.  There not just feel good words to pump you up.  These are actual real life steps I take when my positivity is taking blows from the storms of life.  It is my hope that maybe one of the steps if not all can bring the same comfort and renewal to your life as it does for mine.


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help me

We don’t like the word “Help” it represents needing and we like our independence.  We see help as a weakness so we avoid it by all means necessary.  How do we avoid it? When were really having an awful day and a friend says “How you doing”? We smile and say “I’m doing well” when actually we desperately need a listening ear. We may have fallen on hard times and money is low a family member offers to help and we turn them down.  We as a society deny help.  I believe our social injustices, inequalities, race issues and so many other issues could be resolved by admitting we need help.   We are communal creatures designed to need each other our entire eco-system is designed off of one living thing needing another. Acknowledging help is a growth process it gives you a new perspective on life a sense of true freedom and relief that you don’t have to “know it all” “be it all” “solve it all”.   It humbles you to the reality that there’s something greater a Higher Power working who is willing and able to provide the help needed only if we ask.   When the walls of pride are bulldozer down the true concept of “United Nations” is formed.  Acknowledging our need for help is a sign of strength and courage a true action verb that builds bridges, communities, families and nations.

ask for help