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The Waiting Game

waiting game

This is not one of my favorite things to do

Time stands still and nothing seems clear

I’m left to battle with my fears

How will this thing turn out?

How will it end?

I’m holding on tightly trying not to bend

My mind is wandering

Thoughts about uncertainty

I try to grip harder to my faith

Because Lords knows I hate to wait

Anxiously waiting to hear the news

Will I be excited or filled with gloom

I wonder which direction my life will take

Sometimes waiting is all that’s left

Got to keep on moving even with things unmet

Press forward and stay encourage I tell myself

Keep on living and don’t give up

I occupy my time in service to others

Occupy my time counting my blessings

I occupy my time praising in advance

Who says during the waiting your life has to halt

Time goes by and I’m still in the wait

But each day new wisdom and knowledge I take

I grow in patience and trust too

Each day I lean on my Higher Power for strength to get through

Lord knows I had to wait

But Lord knows what it takes

To build and mold me into my all

So in the spectrum of things the more I think the wait isn’t that bad after all


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The Cupcake


I love bake goods.  You could probably call me a sugar addict.  Becoming a vegan stopped my sugar cravings for a while but eventually my desires for a sugary bake good came back.  Now I’m addicted to vegan bake goods.  I love vegan cookies, pies, muffins, brownies, cakes and cupcakes.  One of the hardest to resist is a pretty design cupcake.  The presentation of the cupcake with its perfect spread of icing and toppings can’t be resisted by the eye.  It’s like its calling my name to come buy it.  Most if not all of the time I usually cave in whenever I’m somewhere I can purchase a vegan cupcake.  I get so excited about my purchase and gently place the package cupcake in the car for the ride home. Once I’m home my mouth is watery with anticipation of eating my cupcake.  My routine usually involves placing my cupcake on a small plate and warming it up just a few seconds in the microwave and then placing a small scoop of soy ice cream on the side.  Then I sit down on my couch in front of the TV and dive in.  One of the most disappointing things is, not every time I dive in, does the cupcake taste good.  Some of the most beautiful looking cupcakes I’ve purchased have been the nastiest inedible and thrown away.  This has happen on too many occasions I can count.  I’ve finally learned my lesson and only if I’m familiar with the baker do I purchase the cupcake.

Now, you may ask, why the need for all the detail about a cupcake? Well I often enjoy searching for deeper meaning out of the simplest things in life, like buying a cupcake.  The lesson I learned from the cupcake is this…

We live in a society who glorifies outside presentations.  We are a sucker for anyone who “portrays” a wonderful image.  We are drawn to the “most liked” or popular.  I believe this is the reason why so many times when we hear of someone we have placed on a “pedestal” has fallen from grace we are so shocked.   Some even to the point that they are unable to accept reality of the persons “true colors”.  Outside presentations…we can do a fantastic job cleaning up our outside but oh when you take that first bite what a surprise that what looked so great on the outside is nasty within.  I try to stay cautious of the “hype” the same person who can stand before a large crowd and move them to tears and motivation through their spectacular speech can be the same person behind closed doors who misuses people and talks about them behind their backs.  The most popular in the crowd at the party could be the one who abuses at home.  It’s not what you see when the crowd is watching…it’s not the perfect neatly all coordinated family sitting in the church pew…it’s not the one with hundreds of likes or thousands of FB friends…it’s not the standing ovation and praises.  But rather, it’s the self-sacrifices in the home, it’s the selfless love shown to a stranger, its respect to your spouse, its integrity when no one is looking, it’s re-framing from judging and gossip lips, fake smiles and false intentions.  It’s the inside things that really count.

gold apple

One of my favorite pastime sitcoms to watch is “The Middle” there was one episode where the oldest made this comment about his family that has kind of stuck with me and has become one of my family mottos he said, “We are that ugly football team we don’t look perfect but still win games”. Make the most important thing of value what’s inside of you not out.

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This poem was inspired by recent unexpected health issues that have cause me to slow down tremendously.  During this time I have learned patience and peace of living with the unknown.  As I read over my poem I began to think how the message can apply to life in general.  We all have burdens that make us feel captive.   We live in such treacherous times nothing on this earth is guaranteed.  My hope and sanity is within a Higher Power.  My living hope is in spreading, fighting and standing up for His love that’s what keeps me going.


I feel trapped inside this cage

My body is in rage

Held hostage to this pain

I’m going insane

Trying to keep my spirits up

Reminding myself don’t give up

For these prison walls are caving in

I refuse to let this be the end

I’m suffocating I want out

Lord do you hear me crying out

Save me from this get me out

I’m on my knees

Hear my prayer please

You’ve never failed me yet

I won’t let my mind forget

Your promises are real

And your presence is near

My thoughts are changing

And my feelings too

I say to myself don’t let this illness get the best of you

Although my circumstances are still the same

My freedom begins before things change

Freedom of my mind

The perspective I choose

Physically I’m still not able to be active

But mentally I’m no longer captive

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Twilight is the time between darkness and sunrise in the morning.   Sometimes we find ourselves in the twilight on our journey.  We are no longer in the dark days of life but can’t seem to reach the light of day. This part of the journey isn’t necessarily a bad thing.  Our twilight is simply a place of refocus after coming out of the dark.  The twilight is a place of preparation for the light that is to come.  Here are 3 suggestions of what to do during your twilight moments.

  1. Discover your true self

Now that the dark days of drama are gone, this is the time to discover your authentic self.  Take this time to explore your thoughts and feelings about self. Use this time to become an expert about “you”.  Evaluate your life and ask those hard questions that we tend to avoid.  Am I satisfied with my current relationships?  Do I have true peace or am I living artificial happiness?  What’s my philosophy on life? Do I live out the truth I carry in my heart?  Becoming knowledgeable about self allows you to gain a better understanding of who you are.  This type of growth sets the stage for when the dawn of day breaks the “real you” is ready to shine through.

  1. Identify Purpose

Why are you here? What gifts are placed in you needing to be shared with others? There is a proverb that says “Without vision the people will perish”, in order to live a fulfilling life one must know and live their purpose.  Suggestions for identifying your purpose would be talking with close trusted family or friends about your talents, talking with a spiritual advisor who can provide guidance to identifying your purpose and most importantly through prayer and meditation.

  1. Be alert

The most important thing to do during the twilight time of your journey is staying alert.  We can become distracted during this time and get off track of our life’s purpose.  When in actuality your “Twilight” moment is a time for much preparation for the dawn of day.  Stay focus on the horizon ahead utilizing this opportunity for what can be your biggest growth spurt.  Stay prepared for departure into the daylight.  For it can come at any minute!


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Blackbird Fly


Life is peculiar at times.  It can seem the ones who are given the biggest dreams appear to have the worst obstacles and setbacks.  Sometimes these obstacles make it impossible to even fathom the possibility of achieving your dreams.  Some of the brightest most sincere kind hearted people I know seem like they have been dealt a bad stack of cards.  Often times their lives are drenched with injustices, poverty and lack of opportunities.  This can crush the spirit and cause self-doubt, discouragement, depression and sometimes anger.  This crushed spirit begins to feed the mind continuous negative thoughts that cause a vicious cycle of unhealthy choices.  Choosing poor relationships, lack of self-care and some may turn to the fast past night life, all these things masquerades the hurt of broken dreams.

I am a person who believes in God.  I also believe that He is a very personal God who welcomes dialogue even uncomfortable topics that question Him.  I asked Him one day about these “Black Birds” people who seem to be given an unfair shot at life.  His response amazed me He said, “I placed the most beautiful minds and spirits inside of them. They are the ones with purpose far bigger than they can imagine.  They have the gift of intuition coupled with feelings of compassion to change the world.  They have been gifted with the ability to commune with me and hear me speak in their life.” He continued to say, “There is so much more but you wouldn’t be able to comprehend it all. The complexity of this world is beyond your understanding.  There is a limit to what you are capable of grasping.”

But, He summed it up with these words, “The ones with the biggest challenges, setbacks and hardships are the ones who hold the greatest impact. They carry within them a fight and persistent, perseverance and tenacity of hope.  Their life is not one of punishment for the beautiful jewels are the ones that have been refined through the fire. I love and care for them dearly my presence is always near even when it’s hard to see.  I gave my Son Jesus this same cross to bear when He walked this earth…A life of poverty and hardship, just as His reward was great so shall yours be also.  You are not the forgotten you’re my greatest testimony of over comers.  It’s your stories that encourage, empower and inspire others.  It’s your stories that teach us love.  It’s your stories that plant seeds in others and makes the gardens of life grow.”

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The Life Cycle 


I’m budding and so alive

On my last birthday I turned 5

My mamma says your growing so fast

Being mamma’s baby has already past

Middle school years now those bring tears

Trying to figure out me and set myself free

Before I realized high school came

And ever since nothing’s been the same

I feel freedom and liberty

Flying high being me

It’s senior year graduation is near

Can’t wait for college it’s my freshman year

I’m living my dreams with no fears

So much to look forward to

So much I want to do

Welcome world here I come

Just got my first job

Now married with kids

Can’t believe how fast time fly’s

My granddaughter just turned 5

She says nana why you so slow

I tell her baby it’s to keep my glow

No more need for rushing to and fro

I already know what’s at the end of this show

I appreciate sunrises and sunsets

Never take for granted these moments

Now well in my advance years

Here’s the wisdom that I’ve learned

There’s a time and season for everything

This is what the life cycle means to me



Agape Love


This past week I watched two movies about civil war.  One was about the Bougainville civil war between Papa New Guinea, The war has been described as the largest conflict in Oceania since the end of World War II.  The other was about the Nigerian civil war, over the two and half years of the war, two million civilians died from forced famine and fighting.  The brutal scenes of brothers and sisters killing each other pained me.  I began to think of how so many wars have devastated countries and people lives.

I recently finish reading “A Radical King” a book on the philosophical views of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. He spoke often on agape love and the need for this type of love in the world.  Agape love is not a feeling; it’s a motivation for action that we are free to choose or reject. Agape is a sacrificial love. Sacrificial love is a determined act of will, a joyful resolve to put the welfare of others above our own.  From my personal experience of growth, I do not believe this type of love comes naturally to humans. For me, it has only been through the maturity of my relationship with the Creator have I become capable of agape love.  For I believe the true source of agape love is from the Creator.

I choose to be an ambassador of agape love.  I choose to continue to love my neighbor non-judgmentally.  I choose equality and justice for ALL of mankind.  See I believe deep rooted change can only begin with a reform in our individual hearts.  Agape love must be in our hearts in order for true transformation to occur.  We need an international movement of agape love to end the cycle of oppression.  For the opposite of love is fear and fear breeds hate, hate breeds dissension, division and wars.  We have traveled down and continue to travel down this path of destruction.  And throughout history and present times we see where this leads us as a nation and humanity.

The power of love is seen through equality and justice.  Love does not turn a blind eye but lends a helping hand.