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Silence the Other People (S.T.O.P)

I have always been fascinated with social experiments.  Be it the psychologist in me, but human behavior is intriguing. As I’ve written before, I believe we are intelligently designed. I believe our designer (God) created us to be in spiritual union with Him. However, I find it difficult in this society at times to “Silence the Other People” so that were able to hear our “Spirit Guide”.  So much bombards us in a day, from the media to our co-workers, family and friends.  Everyone seems to have an opinion on your life and the choices you make. Although, I am not implying that it is unhealthy to have positive people who are able to provide us with guidance from time to time; what I am saying is that we must be careful that “people guided” is not louder than “spirit guided”. There are sometimes in life when the choices you make to walk in your purpose and truth others may not understand. It is at these times in one’s life that if we’re not rooted in our “spirit guide” we can become persuaded to go down a path that isn’t designed for us.

prision of others

How do you stay connected to your “spirit guide”?  I choose everyday to allow God to live through me.  Through prayer, mediation and scripture reading I feed my spirit which fuels my soul and guides my steps through out my day.  I choose to love and be non-judgmental to others point of views and life-styles.  A wise man once said “Don’t judge a person from the chapter you walked in on”.  I take this quote a step further and say not only do we judge others from just one chapter but we don’t even know the full chapter, we’ve only seen a small portion. Practicing a non-judgmental mind-set allows us to experience relationships and places that a judgmental spirit would be to fearful to go.  I am also mindful of what media feeds me.  The media has opinions on what to wear and not to wear, what the cool car is to drive, coolest music to listen to, house you should live in and even social groups you should be a part of, it’s almost courageous to say I choose a different path.   In the movie Divergent you had to fit inside a group to be part of society if you did not conform to any of the groups you were consider a threat to the state a divergent…I chose to be a divergent…having my own ideas and being uniquely me… fully embracing who I am and how I’m created.


In conclusion, sometimes tunnel vision is necessary to S.T.O.P.Tunnel vision helps to keep your eyes forward to living out your unique purpose.


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